Tim Hortons Menu Prices in Canada

Tim Hortons Menu Prices in Canada

Tim Hortons is not only limited to typical food items serving restaurants; it’s a beloved Canadian coffee and donut chain. It also stands as a national meeting spot and a symbol of Canadian pride.

If I cast a cursory look at its major menu items, it is known for its signature coffee blends like the Original Blend and Double-Double. Not only this, it also earns a name in fresh baked goods such as donuts and Timbits, as well as a variety of breakfast foods, lunches, and other baked items. 

Thus, Tim Hortons has become an iconic part of Canada’s culture and identity.

Let’s see its menu with prices and calories in detail.

Featured Items

Spicy Habanero Sausage Bagel Breakfast SandwichCAN$ 4.99660 Cals
Spicy Habanero Bacon BELT SandwichCAN$ 5.29570 Cals
Caramelized Onion & Parmesan Savoury PinwheelCAN$ 2.99290 Cals
Red Pepper & Swiss Savoury PinwheelCAN$ 2.99280 Cals
OREO® Double Stuf Iced CappCAN$ 4.49560 Cals
Caramilk Iced CappCAN$ 4.49590 Cals
Mango Starfruit Sparkling QuencherCAN$ 3.29120 Cals
Wildberry Hibiscus Sparkling QuencherCAN$ 3.29100 Cals
Tiramisu Cold Brew with Espresso Infused FoamCAN$ 3.99240 Cals
Iced Vanilla LatteCAN$ 3.99210 Cals
Fudge Brownie Iced LatteCAN$ 3.99200 Cals
Chocolate Lava Dream CookieCAN$ 2.29360 Cals
Dream Cookie with M&M MinisCAN$ 2.29360 Cals
Reese’s Minis Dream Cookie with pecansCAN$ 2.29380 Cals
Brewed CoffeeCAN$ 1.834 Cals
Lemon Poppyseed Cheesecake MuffinCAN$ 2.49370 Cals
Omelette BitesCAN$ 3.99Varies

Hot Beverages

Tropical Green Tea (Small)CAN$ 1.790 Cals
Tropical Green Tea (Medium)CAN$ 1.990 Cals
Tropical Green Tea (Large)CAN$ 2.290 Cals
Tropical Green Tea (Extra Large)CAN$ 2.490 Cals
Latte (Small)CAN$ 2.9990 Cals
Latte (Medium)CAN$ 3.49140 Cals
Latte (Large)CAN$ 3.99190 Cals
Mocha Latte (Small)CAN$ 3.49140 Cals
Mocha Latte (Medium)CAN$ 3.99220 Cals
Mocha Latte (Large)CAN$ 4.49300 Cals
Vanilla Latte (Small)CAN$ 3.49150 Cals
Vanilla Latte (Medium)CAN$ 3.99230 Cals
Vanilla Latte (Large)CAN$ 4.49310 Cals
Caramel Latte (Small)CAN$ 3.49150 Cals
Caramel Latte (Medium)CAN$ 3.99220 Cals
Caramel Latte (Large)CAN$ 4.49300 Cals
Cappuccino (Small)CAN$ 2.9980 Cals
Cappuccino (Medium)CAN$ 3.49120 Cals
Cappuccino (Large)CAN$ 3.99170 Cals
Americano (Small)CAN$ 2.293 Cals
Americano (Medium)CAN$ 2.795 Cals
Americano (Large)CAN$ 3.295 Cals
Brewed Coffee (Small)CAN$ 1.593 Cals
Brewed Coffee (Medium)CAN$ 1.834 Cals
Brewed Coffee (Large)CAN$ 2.075 Cals
Brewed Coffee (Extra Large)CAN$ 2.355 Cals
Dark Roast Brewed Coffee (Small)CAN$ 1.593 Cals
Dark Roast Brewed Coffee (Medium)CAN$ 1.834 Cals
Dark Roast Brewed Coffee (Large)CAN$ 2.075 Cals
Dark Roast Brewed Coffee (Extra Large)CAN$ 2.355 Cals
Steeped Tea (Small)CAN$ 1.790 Cals
Steeped Tea (Medium)CAN$ 1.990 Cals
Steeped Tea (Large)CAN$ 2.290 Cals
Steeped Tea (Extra Large)CAN$ 2.590 Cals
Specialty Tea (Small)CAN$ 1.790 Cals
Specialty Tea (Medium)CAN$ 1.990 Cals
Specialty Tea (Large)CAN$ 2.290 Cals
Specialty Tea (Extra Large)CAN$ 2.590 Cals
Coffee Mocha (Small)CAN$ 1.99110 Cals
Coffee Mocha (Medium)CAN$ 2.29140 Cals
Coffee Mocha (Large)CAN$ 2.49190 Cals
Coffee Mocha (Extra Large)CAN$ 2.79250 Cals
French Vanilla (Small)CAN$ 2.49260 Cals
French Vanilla (Medium)CAN$ 2.79330 Cals
French Vanilla (Large)CAN$ 2.99430 Cals
French Vanilla (Extra Large)CAN$ 3.29570 Cals
Hot Chocolate (Small)CAN$ 1.99220 Cals
Hot Chocolate (Medium)CAN$ 2.29280 Cals
Hot Chocolate (Large)CAN$ 2.49380 Cals
Hot Chocolate (Extra Large)CAN$ 2.79500 Cals
White Hot Chocolate (Small)CAN$ 1.99250 Cals
White Hot Chocolate (Medium)CAN$ 2.29330 Cals
White Hot Chocolate (Large)CAN$ 2.49430 Cals
White Hot Chocolate (Extra Large)CAN$ 2.79570 Cals
London Fog (Small)CAN$ 2.79110 Cals
London Fog (Medium)CAN$ 3.49160 Cals
London Fog (Large)CAN$ 3.99240 Cals
Espresso (Single)CAN$ 1.493 Cals
Espresso (Double)CAN$ 1.995 Cals
Take TwelveCAN$ 19.993 Cals

Cold Beverages

OREO® Double Stuf Iced Capp (Small)CAN$ 3.99450 Cals
OREO® Double Stuf Iced Capp (Medium)CAN$ 4.49560 Cals
OREO® Double Stuf Iced Capp (Large)CAN$ 4.99700 Cals
Caramilk Iced Capp (Small)CAN$ 3.99480 Cals
Caramilk Iced Capp (Medium)CAN$ 4.49590 Cals
Caramilk Iced Capp (Large)CAN$ 4.99730 Cals
Mango Starfruit Sparkling Quencher (Small)CAN$ 2.7980 Cals
Mango Starfruit Sparkling Quencher (Medium)CAN$ 3.29120 Cals
Mango Starfruit Sparkling Quencher (Large)CAN$ 3.79160 Cals
Wildberry Hibiscus Sparkling Quencher (Small)CAN$ 2.7970 Cals
Wildberry Hibiscus Sparkling Quencher (Medium)CAN$ 3.29100 Cals
Wildberry Hibiscus Sparkling Quencher (Large)CAN$ 3.79130 Cals
Tiramisu Cold Brew with Espresso Infused Foam (Small)CAN$ 3.49210 Cals
Tiramisu Cold Brew with Espresso Infused Foam (Medium)CAN$ 3.99240 Cals
Tiramisu Cold Brew with Espresso Infused Foam (Large)CAN$ 4.49320 Cals
Fudge Brownie Iced Latte (Small)CAN$ 3.39150 Cals
Fudge Brownie Iced Latte (Medium)CAN$ 3.99200 Cals
Fudge Brownie Iced Latte (Large)CAN$ 4.39250 Cals
Original Iced Coffee (Small)CAN$ 2.19120 Cals
Original Iced Coffee (Medium)CAN$ 2.49150 Cals
Original Iced Coffee (Large)CAN$ 2.79240 Cals
Strawberry Frozen Lemonade (Small)CAN$ 2.79250 Cals
Strawberry Frozen Lemonade (Medium)CAN$ 3.29310 Cals
Strawberry Frozen Lemonade (Large)CAN$ 3.79410 Cals
Frozen Lemonade (Small)CAN$ 2.79200 Cals
Frozen Lemonade (Medium)CAN$ 3.29250 Cals
Frozen Lemonade (Large)CAN$ 3.79330 Cals
Blackberry Yuzu Sparkling Quencher (Small)CAN$ 2.7990 Cals
Blackberry Yuzu Sparkling Quencher (Medium)CAN$ 3.29130 Cals
Blackberry Yuzu Sparkling Quencher (Large)CAN$ 3.79170 Cals
Black Iced Coffee (Small)CAN$ 2.190 Cals
Black Iced Coffee (Medium)CAN$ 2.490 Cals
Black Iced Coffee (Large)CAN$ 2.790 Cals
Roasted Hazelnut Cold Brew with Espresso Cold Foam (Small)CAN$ 3.49180 Cals
Roasted Hazelnut Cold Brew with Espresso Cold Foam (Medium)CAN$ 3.99220 Cals
Roasted Hazelnut Cold Brew with Espresso Cold Foam (Large)CAN$ 4.49300 Cals
Strawberry Watermelon Quenchers (Small)CAN$ 2.29110 Cals
Strawberry Watermelon Quenchers (Medium)CAN$ 2.69150 Cals
Strawberry Watermelon Quenchers (Large)CAN$ 3.19190 Cals
Peach Quenchers (Small)CAN$ 2.29110 Cals
Peach Quenchers (Medium)CAN$ 2.69150 Cals
Peach Quenchers (Large)CAN$ 3.19190 Cals
Classic Lemonade Quenchers (Small)CAN$ 2.1990 Cals
Classic Lemonade Quenchers (Medium)CAN$ 2.49110 Cals
Classic Lemonade Quenchers (Large)CAN$ 2.79140 Cals
Black Cold Brew (Small)CAN$ 2.490 Cals
Black Cold Brew (Medium)CAN$ 2.990 Cals
Black Cold Brew (Large)CAN$ 3.490 Cals
Original Cold Brew (Small)CAN$ 2.49120 Cals
Original Cold Brew (Medium)CAN$ 2.99150 Cals
Original Cold Brew (Large)CAN$ 3.49240 Cals
Vanilla Cream Cold Brew (Small)CAN$ 2.99120 Cals
Vanilla Cream Cold Brew (Medium)CAN$ 3.49160 Cals
Vanilla Cream Cold Brew (Large)CAN$ 3.99240 Cals
Original Iced Capp (Small)CAN$ 2.99260 Cals
Original Iced Capp (Medium)CAN$ 3.59330 Cals
Original Iced Capp (Large)CAN$ 4.19430 Cals
Mocha Iced Capp (Small)CAN$ 3.99430 Cals
Mocha Iced Capp (Medium)CAN$ 4.49530 Cals
Mocha Iced Capp (Large)CAN$ 4.99650 Cals
Vanilla Iced Capp (Small)CAN$ 3.99440 Cals
Vanilla Iced Capp (Medium)CAN$ 4.49540 Cals
Vanilla Iced Capp (Large)CAN$ 4.99660 Cals
Unsweetened Iced Latte (Small)CAN$ 2.9990 Cals
Unsweetened Iced Latte (Medium)CAN$ 3.49120 Cals
Unsweetened Iced Latte (Large)CAN$ 3.99140 Cals
Original Iced Latte (Small)CAN$ 2.99150 Cals
Original Iced Latte (Medium)CAN$ 3.49200 Cals
Original Iced Latte (Large)CAN$ 3.99250 Cals
Iced Vanilla Latte (Small)CAN$ 3.49150 Cals
Iced Vanilla Latte (Medium)CAN$ 3.99210 Cals
Iced Vanilla Latte (Large)CAN$ 4.49260 Cals
Iced Mocha Latte (Small)CAN$ 3.49150 Cals
Iced Mocha Latte (Medium)CAN$ 3.99200 Cals
Iced Mocha Latte (Large)CAN$ 4.49250 Cals
Iced Caramel Latte (Small)CAN$ 3.49150 Cals
Iced Caramel Latte (Medium)CAN$ 3.99200 Cals
Iced Caramel Latte (Large)CAN$ 4.49250 Cals
Chocolate Creamy Chill (Small)CAN$ 3.99450 Cals
Chocolate Creamy Chill (Medium)CAN$ 4.49550 Cals
Chocolate Creamy Chill (Large)CAN$ 4.99680 Cals
Vanilla Creamy Chill (Small)CAN$ 3.79450 Cals
Vanilla Creamy Chill (Medium)CAN$ 4.49560 Cals
Vanilla Creamy Chill (Large)CAN$ 4.79690 Cals
Coca-Cola® 500mL BottleCAN$ 2.59200 Cals
Diet Coke® 500mL BottleCAN$ 2.590 Cals
Sprite® 500mL BottleCAN$ 2.59200 Cals
Canada Dry® Ginger Ale 500mL BottleCAN$ 2.59190 Cals
Apple JuiceCAN$ 2.59130 Cals
Orange JuiceCAN$ 2.59140 Cals
Spring WaterCAN$ 2.290 Cals
Gold Peak® Lemon Tea 547mL BottleCAN$ 2.99170 Cals
Glacéau smartwater® 591mL BottleCAN$ 2.790 Cals
Peach DrinkCAN$ 2.59200 Cals
MilkCAN$ 2.59120 Cals
Chocolate MilkCAN$ 2.59160 Cals


Farmer’s Breakfast Bundle (serves 4-6)CAN$ 42.735,088 Cals
Spicy Habanero Sausage Bagel Breakfast SandwichCAN$ 4.99660 Cals
Spicy Habanero Bacon BELT SandwichCAN$ 5.29570 Cals
Simply Sausage SandwichCAN$ 2.99450 Cals
Steak & Egg Breakfast SandwichCAN$ 5.29510 Cals
Sausage Breakfast SandwichCAN$ 4.29530 Cals
Bacon Breakfast SandwichCAN$ 4.29330 Cals
Egg & Cheese Breakfast SandwichCAN$ 3.79270 Cals
Sausage & Bacon Breakfast SandwichCAN$ 5.29580 Cals
Farmer’s Breakfast SandwichCAN$ 4.99680 Cals
Grilled Breakfast WrapCAN$ 4.59530 Cals
Farmer’s Breakfast WrapCAN$ 4.99640 Cals
Bagel BELTCAN$ 4.99490 Cals
HashbrownCAN$ 1.99120 Cals
Vanilla Yogurt ParfaitCAN$ 3.49255 Cals

Lunch & Dinner

Simply Cheese Flatbread PizzaCAN$ 6.99630 Cals
Pepperoni Flatbread PizzaCAN$ 7.99750 Cals
Chicken Parmesan Flatbread PizzaCAN$ 7.99760 Cals
Bacon Everything Flatbread PizzaCAN$ 7.99780 Cals
Sweet Chili Chicken Loaded BowlCAN$ 9.99470 Cals
Sweet Chili Chicken Loaded WrapCAN$ 8.79470 Cals
Cilantro Lime Chicken Loaded WrapCAN$ 7.79650 Cals
Habanero Chicken Loaded WrapCAN$ 7.79510 Cals
Cilantro Lime Chicken Loaded BowlCAN$ 8.79570 Cals
Habanero Chicken Loaded BowlCAN$ 8.79540 Cals
Cilantro Lime Veggie Loaded WrapCAN$ 6.79530 Cals
Habanero Veggie Loaded WrapCAN$ 6.79500 Cals
Cilantro Lime Veggie Loaded BowlCAN$ 7.99560 Cals
Habanero Veggie Loaded BowlCAN$ 7.99530 Cals
Craveable Meal Bundle Serve 2CAN$ 18.552252 Cals
Crispy Chicken CraveableCAN$ 4.99470 Cals
Roast Beef CraveableCAN$ 4.99460 Cals
Roast Beef & Cheddar Artisan SandwichCAN$ 6.99560 Cals
Large Roast Beef & CheddarCAN$ 9.99968 Cals
Turkey Bacon Club Artisan SandwichCAN$ 6.99550 Cals
Large Turkey Bacon ClubCAN$ 9.99981 Cals
BLT Artisan SandwichCAN$ 5.99490 Cals
Large BLTCAN$ 8.99864 Cals
Ham & Cheddar Artisan SandwichCAN$ 5.99520 Cals
Chicken Bacon Ranch WrapCAN$ 6.99530 Cals
Classic Chicken WrapCAN$ 6.49380 Cals
Grilled Cheese MeltCAN$ 5.79500 Cals
Turkey MeltCAN$ 6.99550 Cals
Ham MeltCAN$ 6.99550 Cals
Soup (Regular)CAN$ 4.49140 Cals
Soup (Large)CAN$ 5.79190 Cals
Chili (Regular)CAN$ 5.99310 Cals
Chili (Large)CAN$ 6.99430 Cals
Sea Salt WedgesCAN$ 2.79380 Cals


Ranch DipCAN$ 1.50
Chipotle DipCAN$ 1.50
Cilantro Lime DipCAN$ 1.50
Habanero DipCAN$ 1.50
Creamy BBQ DipCAN$ 1.50

Donuts & Timbits

Family Bundle (serves 12+)CAN$ 38.978223 Cals
Chocolate Cruller DonutCAN$ 1.59360 Cals
Cinnamon Sugar TwistCAN$ 1.79260 Cals
Blueberry DonutCAN$ 1.59340 Cals
Apple Fritter DonutCAN$ 1.59330 Cals
Boston Cream DonutCAN$ 1.59240 Cals
Chocolate Dip DonutCAN$ 1.59220 Cals
Vanilla Dip DonutCAN$ 1.59250 Cals
Honey Cruller DonutCAN$ 1.59320 Cals
Honey Dip DonutCAN$ 1.59250 Cals
Chocolate Glazed DonutCAN$ 1.59330 Cals
Strawberry Fill DonutCAN$ 1.59240 Cals
Double Chocolate DonutCAN$ 1.59310 Cals
Old Fashioned Plain DonutCAN$ 1.59280 Cals
Sour Cream Glazed DonutCAN$ 1.59340 Cals
Maple Dip DonutCAN$ 1.59220 Cals
Canadian Maple DonutCAN$ 1.59250 Cals
Toasted Coconut DonutCAN$ 1.59360 Cals
6 Assorted DonutsCAN$ 7.491,860 Cals
12 Assorted DonutsCAN$ 13.993,720 Cals
Birthday Cake TimbitCAN$ 0.3380 Cals
Chocolate Glazed TimbitCAN$ 0.3380 Cals
Honey Dip TimbitCAN$ 0.3350 Cals
Old Fashioned Plain TimbitCAN$ 0.3360 Cals
Sour Cream Glazed TimbitCAN$ 0.3390 Cals
10 Assorted TimbitsCAN$ 2.99900 Cals
20 Assorted TimbitsCAN$ 4.991,800 Cals
50 Assorted TimbitsCAN$ 9.994,500 Cals

Baked Goods

Four Cheese TwistCAN$ 2.29220 Cals
Family Bundle (serves 12+)CAN$ 38.978,223 Cals
Spicy Jalapeno Savoury PastryCAN$ 2.99250 Cals
Herb & Garlic Savoury PastryCAN$ 2.99240 Cals
Caramelized Onion & Parmesan Savoury PinwheelCAN$ 2.99290 Cals
Red Pepper & Swiss Savoury PinwheelCAN$ 2.99280 Cals
Lemon Poppyseed Cheesecake MuffinCAN$ 2.49370 Cals
Chocolate Chip MuffinCAN$ 2.19420 Cals
Fruit Explosion MuffinCAN$ 2.49360 Cals
Raisin Bran MuffinCAN$ 2.19380 Cals
Wild Blueberry MuffinCAN$ 2.19380 Cals
Carrot Cake with Walnut MuffinCAN$ 2.49360 Cals
Whole Grain Pecan Banana Bread MuffinCAN$ 2.19340 Cals
6 Assorted MuffinsCAN$ 10.492,520 Cals
12 Assorted MuffinsCAN$ 18.995,040 Cals
Plain CroissantCAN$ 2.29260 Cals
Cheese CroissantCAN$ 2.49290 Cals
Chocolate CroissantCAN$ 2.49350 Cals
Raisin Tea BiscuitCAN$ 1.99250 Cals
Cadbury Mini Eggs CookieCAN$ 2.29280 Cals
Chocolate Lava Dream CookieCAN$ 2.29360 Cals
Chocolate Chunk CookieCAN$ 1.49220 Cals
Smile CookieCAN$ 1.50230 Cals
Smile Cookie 1/2 DozenCAN$ 9.001,380 Cals
Smile Cookie DozenCAN$ 18.002,760 Cals
6 Assorted CookiesCAN$ 6.991,860 Cals
12 Assorted CookiesCAN$ 12.993,360 Cals
Dream Cookie with M&M MinisCAN$ 2.29360 Cals
Reese’s Minis Dream Cookie with pecansCAN$ 2.29380 Cals
4 Dream CookiesCAN$ 8.991,520 Cals
6 Dream CookiesCAN$ 13.492,280 Cals


Plain BagelCAN$ 2.19290 Cals
Everything BagelCAN$ 2.19290 Cals
12 Grain BagelCAN$ 2.19320 Cals
Four Cheese BagelCAN$ 2.99330 Cals
Cinnamon Raisin BagelCAN$ 2.19290 Cals
Sesame Seed BagelCAN$ 2.19310 Cals
Jalapeno Asiago Mozzarella BagelCAN$ 2.99320 Cals
6 Assorted BagelsCAN$ 10.491,980 Cals
PHILADELPHIA® Bulk Cream CheeseCAN$ 3.49640 Cals

Tims® at Home

Winter Blend Coffee BagCAN$ 10.99
Hot Chocolate Set of 2 Sachet OrnamentCAN$ 3.99
450g Candy Cane Hot Chocolate CanCAN$ 6.49
930g Original Blend Coffee CanCAN$ 24.99
12ct K-Cups Original Blend CoffeeCAN$ 11.99
30ct K-Cups Original Blend CoffeeCAN$ 23.99
400g Original Blend Coffee BagCAN$ 12.99
454g French Vanilla Cappuccino CanCAN$ 7.99


Greatest Duos Hockey BinderCAN$ 19.99
Greatest Duos Hockey CardCAN$ 1.99
16oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug – BlackCAN$ 22.99
20oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug – BlackCAN$ 25.99
20oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug – BeigeCAN$ 25.99
24oz Stainless Steel Straw Tumbler – BlackCAN$ 28.99
24oz Stainless Steel Straw Tumbler – BeigeCAN$ 28.99
40oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug – BlackCAN$ 34.99
60TH Anniversary MugCAN$ 10.99
Reusable Hot Beverage CupCAN$ 1.99
Reusable Bag – SmallCAN$ 0.50
Reusable Bag – LargeCAN$ 1.00

Most Popular Items of Tim Hortons 

As you go through the multiple food Items at Tim Hortons, it can’t be easy to decide what to order first. But don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of top picks to help you get the best experience.

Most Popular Items of Tim Hortons 

Iced Capp

When you need a refreshing boost, I recommend trying the Iced Capp at Tim Hortons. It’s a creamy, icy delight that’s a favorite among many Tim Hortons fans.


When it’s breakfast time, Tim Hortons’ bagels are a top pick. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic plain bagel or something more tasty like a cinnamon raisin or everything bagel, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap

For breakfast, you can also try their Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap. It’s like a breakfast sandwich but wrapped in a soft tortilla, making it super convenient to enjoy on your way to work or whenever you need a quick bite.

Vanilla Cream Cold Brew

For coffee lovers, I would recommend trying their Vanilla Cream Cold Brew. It is a smooth cold brew coffee infused with creamy vanilla flavor, that’s sure to satisfy your coffee cravings.

Cruller Donut

If you want something sweet, try the Cruller Donut at Tim Hortons! It’s light, airy, and has a tasty honey flavor that’s both delicious and unique. Because of its yummy tastes and flavors, it’s a Canadian classic.

So, whenever you’re placing your order at Tim Hortons, keep these options in mind to satisfy your preference.

History of Tim Hortons 

Tim Hortons was founded by Tim Horton and Jim Charade in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario. It began as a small coffee and donut shop but soon became Canada’s biggest quick-service restaurant chain. 

After Tim Horton died in 1974, Ron Joyce took over, expanding it across Canada and globally. Major milestones included being bought by Wendy’s in 1995 and later by 3G Capital, owners of Burger King in 2014 for CAN$ 12.5 billion.

Despite changes in ownership, Tim Hortons remains deeply tied to Canadian culture through community involvement, iconic marketing, and its widespread presence. Today, it’s still one of Canada’s most beloved brands.

Branches of Tim Hortons Across Canada

As one of the country’s most beloved coffee and bake shops, Tim Hortons has a wide presence across Canada with 3584 locations nationwide. The provinces with the highest numbers of Tim Hortons are:

  • Ontario – 1,824 locations
  • Quebec – 557 Locations
  • Alberta – 391 locations
  • British Columbia – 327 locations
  • Nova Scotia – 128 locations 
  • New Brunswick – 106 locations 
  • Manitoba – 98 locations 
  • Saskatchewan – 77 locations 
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 52 locations 
  • Prince Edward Island – 19 locations 

If we look at cities, the highest numbers of Tim Hortons branches are the following:

  • Toronto – 168 locations
  • Calgary – 129 Locations
  • Edmonton – 113 locations
  • Mississauga – 111 locations
  • North York – 95 locations 
  • Scarborough – 81 locations 
  • Winnipeg – 78 locations 
  • London – 73 locations 
  • Brampton  – 70 locations 
  • Hamilton – 68 locations

Thus, it shows Tim’s continuous growth in every province an easy accessible to Canadians wherever they live.

Tim Hortons’ Nutritious Options for Different Diets

Tim Horton’s food items are not limited to a certain number of customers but fulfill the requirements of all people according to their dietary needs and preferences. 

Whether you’re watching your weight, bulking up at the gym, or going meatless, Tim’s aims to have something for you. 

Let’s see what it offers especially for athletes, vegetarians, and those who are on a diet.

For Athletes

For athletes, Tim Hortons provides several high-protein and energy-dense options to support their active lifestyle. Most athletes recommend Tim Hortons for its wide variety of high-energy meals. 

Among the large list of food items, the following options are beneficial for athletes.

Menu ItemsCalories, Protein, CarbsImpact Description
Bacon Farmer’s Wrap530 cal, 24g protein, 54g carbsHigh in protein and energy to fuel your muscles and keep you energized during workouts or competitions.
Bacon & Cheese Omelette Bites (2 per serving)490 cal, 16g protein, 59g carbsPortable snack with a good amount of protein to refuel on the go.
Sausage & Bacon Breakfast Wrap540 cal, 25g protein, 54g carbsProtein-packed breakfast wrap to start your day with sustained energy.
Sausage & Bacon Farmer’s Wrap650 cal, 21g protein, 71g carbsHearty wrap with a combination of protein sources and carbs for long-lasting energy.

For Vegetarians

Tim Hortons not only serves high-energy protein foods but also has healthy options for vegetarians. 

The fresh vitamin-enriched vegetables at Tim Hortons are cooked under hygienic observation. Let’s see what the restaurant offers several choices for its customers if they want meatless options below in table.

Menu ItemCalories, Protein, CarbsImpact Description
Cilantro Lime Veggie Loaded Bowl550 cal, 33g protein, 50g carbsPlant-based option with a blend of grains, vegetables, and zesty flavors, providing a decent amount of protein.
Habanero Veggie Loaded Bowl550 cal, 33g protein, 50g carbsSpicy vegetarian bowl with a variety of plant-based protein sources.
Cilantro Lime Veggie Loaded Wrap500 cal, 27g protein, 51g carbsFlavorful vegetarian wrap with a good balance of protein and carbs.

For Dieters

Tim Hortons also has great collection for those who are conscious about their calorie intake. If you are in search of lighter options to support your diet goals I would recommend you the following menu items.

Menu ItemCalories, Protein, CarbsImpact Description
Omelette Bites with Spinach & Egg White (2 per serving)210 cal, 15g protein, 23g carbsLow-calorie option with a satisfying amount of protein.
Original Iced Coffee (Small)70 cal, 0g protein, 17g carbsRefreshing beverage with minimal calories and no fat.
Grilled Cheese Melt450 cal, 9g protein, 81g carbsModerately caloric option with a decent amount of protein.

Opening Hours and Closing Times

Tim Hortons opening and closing hours information make it easy for Canadians to fuel up on their signature coffee and baking items as per their need in the morning, noon, and at night. Besides, the operating hours are quite friendly and suit well the schedule of the majority public.

Dine-In Hours

  • Monday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Drive-Thru Hours

  • Wednesday: Midnight – 12:00 AM
  • Thursday: Midnight – 12:00 AM
  • Friday: Midnight – 12:00 AM
  • Saturday: Midnight – 12:00 AM
  • Sunday: Midnight – 12:00 AM
  • Monday: Midnight – 12:00 AM
  • Tuesday: Midnight – 12:00 AM

Tim Hortons locations maintain consistent opening and closing times nationwide, with slight regional differences. They open early to serve morning customers and stay open late, including extended hours on weekends.

Delivery Process of Tim Hortons in Canada

The delivery process of Tim Hortons across various locations in Canada is more convenient. If you also want to make sure delivery at your doorstep, you can order through various channels like:

  • Phone Call
  • Online through Tim Hortons website
  • By food Delivery platforms like UberEats, DoorDash, and SkipTheDishes

Delivery times vary by location but are usually available during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Mobile App of Tim Hortons

In Canada, Tim Hortons customers can utilize the official mobile app for online ordering and delivery. It is available on iOS and Android. The app offers exclusive promos and deals to users. 

Additionally, it features a rewards program, allowing customers to earn points with each order and redeem them for free items. With the app, customers can easily browse the full menu and place orders instantly. Plus, they can track their delivery status in real-time within the app. 

Moreover, the new Scan & Pay feature in the app lets Tims Rewards members pay, earn points, and redeem rewards with a single scan.


Tim Hortons makes sure that all customers could enjoy their menu items comfortably regardless of their disability. They provide the following accessibility features:

  • Wheelchair-accessible parking
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet 

Please note that the availability of these features may vary depending on the location.

Dining options

Tim Hortons has a variety of dining options to suit your needs and preferences. You can choose any option from the following:

  • Breakfast
  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Catering
  • Dessert
  • Seating 

Please be aware that the availability of these options also vary from one location to other location.

Parking Facility 

If you’re worried about parking your precious vehicle, don’t worry, Tim Hortons provides convenient parking. The following areas are provided by the restaurant include:

  • Free street parking
  • Free parking lot
  • Ample parking spaces available 

It is also important to note that parking facilities of Tim Hortons also vary based on the location.

Tim Hortons Payments Methods 

At Tim Hortons, there are hassle-free payment options to make your ordering experience convenient. You can choose from the following payment methods:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • NFC mobile payments
  • Mastercard
  • VISA 

Alternative to Tim Hortons in Canada

There are multiple spots of tasty chicken food in Canada each with unique taste and various options. If you are far from the Tim Hortons restaurant for any reason, I have compiled a list of some alternative restaurants that have almost the same taste as that of Tim Hortons. Here is a list of other restaurants in Canada 

Last Words 

To sum up, Tim Hortons offers a wide variety of food and beverage options, including their signature coffee, baked goods like donuts and muffins, breakfast sandwiches, soups, chili, wraps, sandwiches, and more. 

They also have a selection of cold beverages such as iced coffee, frozen lemonades, and quenchers. Additionally, Tim Hortons provides nutritional information, including calorie counts, for all of their menu items, making it easier for customers to make informed choices based on their dietary needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Tim Hortons menus and their prices vary by location?

Tim Hortons menus are generally consistent across locations. However, prices may vary slightly by province based on regional differences and taxes.

What services does Tim Hortons offer in Canada?

Tim Hortons in Canada provides Dine-In, Delivery, No-Contact Delivery, Takeout, Drive-Thru, and Kerbside Pickup services. Please note that the availability of these services may vary depending on the location.

Is Starbucks cheaper than Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons is generally considered more affordable than Starbucks, mainly due to its focus on coffee, donuts, and budget-friendly meals compared to Starbucks’ wider range of specialty drinks, larger sizes, and complex offerings. However, prices can vary based on location and specific menu items.

What is the cheapest drink item on Tim Hortons menu in Canada?

The cheapest food item on Tim Hortons menu is Espresso (Single) for CAN$ 1.49

What is the most expensive drink item on Tim Hortons menu in Canada?

The most expensive food item on Tim Hortons menu is the OREO® Double Stuf Iced Capp (Large) for CAN$ 4.99

What is the cheapest food item on Tim Hortons menu in Canada?

The cheapest food item on Tim Hortons menu is Chocolate Chunk Cookie for CAN$ 1.49

What is the most expensive food item on Tim Hortons menu in Canada?

The most expensive food item on Tim Hortons menu is the Farmer’s Breakfast Bundle (serves 4-6) for CAN$ 42.73

What is the best item at Tim Hortons?

The best item at Tim Hortons is the Iced Capp®, priced at $ 4.49. It’s a popular and highly favored choice among customers.

How much is a take 12 at Tim Hortons?

In Canada, Tim Hortons offers a Take 12 coffee deal, providing a box with 12 small coffees along with sugar and straws, priced around $19.99. It’s a great option for sharing with friends.

What is Tim Hortons cheapest breakfast in Canada?

Tim Hortons offers a value breakfast menu with options under $3 each, including the Simply Canadian Bacon breakfast sandwich, the Simply Sausage breakfast sandwich, and a classic bagel with cream cheese.

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