Karma’s Cafe Menu Prices in Canada

Karma's Cafe Menu Prices in Canada

If you live in Canada and are craving to taste the regional flavors of Himalayan and East Asia, do nothing; just visit Karma’s Cafe Peterborough, Canada. They present authentic food with fusion flavors. It is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists seeking authentic Himalayan and East Asia.

Karma’s CafeCafe offers a variety of options, including chicken satay, spring rolls, momos, salad rolls, shrimp wraps, noodles, and curries, all bursting with flavor.

After learning about Karma’s CafeCafe Peterborough, Canada, let’s examine its menu items, prices, and other details in detail. 

Latest Karma’s Cafe Menu Prices in Canada 

One of the attributes of Karma’s CafeCafe is that they update their menu items and prices often. We also have a dedicated team that has a sharp look at Karma’s Cafe’s latest pricing. 


Thai Spring RollsCAN$ 15
Tibetan MomosCAN$ 15
Rice Patties (Nasi-Hapjes)CAN$ 14
Salad RollsCAN$ 14
Shrimp WrapsCAN$ 15
Grilled Shrimp SaladCAN$ 18
Karma’s PlatterCAN$ 40

Curry Dishes

Karma’s Curry with Chicken, Shrimp, BeefCAN$ 25
Karma’s Curry with TofuCAN$ 21
Thai Green Curry with Chicken, Shrimp, BeefCAN$ 26
Thai Green Curry with TofuCAN$ 21

Rice Dishes

Tibetan Beef FingshaCAN$ 25
Chicken SatayCAN$ 25
Nasi Goreng with Chicken, Shrimp, BeefCAN$ 25
Nasi Goreng with TofuCAN$ 21
Biryani with Chicken, Shrimp, BeefCAN$ 25
Biryani with TofuCAN$ 21

Noodle Dishes

Phad Thai (Chicken, Shrimp, Beef)CAN$ 25
Phad Thai (Tofu)CAN$ 21
Bami Goreng (Chicken, Shrimp, Beef)CAN$ 25
Bami Goreng (Tofu)CAN$ 21
Noodles With Lime Leaves (Chicken, Shrimp, Beef)CAN$ 25
Noodles With Lime Leaves (Tofu)CAN$ 21
Thai Basil Noodles (Chicken, Shrimp, Beef)CAN$ 25
Thai Basil Noodles (Tofu)CAN$ 21


Tum Yam SoupCAN$ 20
Pho BoCAN$ 20

Most Popular Food Items at Karma’s Cafe Canada 

If you have heard about Karma’s Cafe and want to visit there, but you have no idea what to order first, don’t worry. I have a solution. My team and I have a record of several visits, and upon each arrival, we noted the dish that we liked. 

I have a list of popular dishes from Karma’s Cafe Peterborough, Canada. So, whenever you visit the restaurant, I recommend trying these famous food items at Karma’s Cafe. 

Most Popular Food Items at Karma's Cafe Canada
Most Popular Food Items at Karma’s Cafe Canada

Thai Green Curry

Regarding comfort food, you should try the Thai Green Curry at Karma’s Cafe. It contains fragrant spices, tender chicken or tofu, and creamy coconut milk. It’s a deliciously comforting dish that will warm you up from the inside out.

Nasi Goreng

If you’re in the mood for something bold and flavorful, Nasi Goreng at Karma’s Cafe is the best choice. This Indonesian fried rice dish is loaded with savory goodness, including shrimp, chicken, and a perfect balance of spices.

Bami Goreng

When you’re craving a taste of Indonesian food, I suggest you try Bami Goreng at Karma’s Cafe. This flavorful stir-fried noodle dish is packed with fresh vegetables, tender chicken or tofu, and a mouthwatering blend of seasonings.

Tum Yam Soup

Try Karma’s Cafe Tum Yam Soup when you need a tasty boost. It is served with fresh herbs, tender shrimp or chicken, and a spicy kick that’ll satisfy you.

These menu items are for those newly introduced to Karma’s Cafe and want to check their meal. You can enjoy a satisfying meal at Karma’s Cafe with a menu full of delicious options.

History of Karma’s Cafe

Historically, Karma’s Cafe was founded in 2004 by Chef Karma, aiming to bring real Himalayan and East Asian flavors to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. 

For almost 20 years, Karma’s Cafe has been serving its customers delicious flavors, all with love and care. 

The interesting fact is that Chef Karma and his team ensure that each dish is prepared with proper attention and that the hygiene and preferences of the majority of customers are considered. 

The Cafe’s consistent quality and welcoming vibe have made it a beloved spot in Peterborough’s food scene.

Location of Karma’s Cafe in Canada 

Karma’s Cafe serves its authentic fusion cuisine in the heart of Peterborough, Canada. If you plan to visit, you can find it at the address below.

217 Hunter St W

Peterborough, ON K9H 2L1

(705) 748-5451

Opening and Closing Hours of Karma’s Cafe

Karma’s Cafe operating hours are different and short, but they are suitable for Canadians. By noticing them, you can plan your visit comfortably and enjoy the food you want.

  • Sunday 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Monday 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Thursday 11:30 am – 8:00 pm
  • Friday 11:30 am – 8:00 pm
  • Saturday 11:30 am – 8:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a Karma’s Cafe mobile app?

There is currently no official Karma’s Cafe mobile app.

What services does Karma’s Cafe offer in Canada?

Karma’s Cafe provides only Dine-In and Takeout. It doesn’t provide a Delivery service.

What is the cheapest item on Karma’s Cafe’s menu in Canada?

The cheapest item on Karma’s Cafe menu is Rice Patties (Nasi-Hapjes) for CAN$ 14

What is the most expensive item on Karma’s Cafe’s menu in Canada?

The most expensive item on Karma’s Cafe menu is the Karma’s Platter for CAN$ 40

What are the lunch hours at Karma’s Cafe?

Lunch is served Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm.

What are the dinner hours at Karma’s Cafe?

Dinner is served daily, Monday through Sunday, from 4:00 to 8:00 pm. 

Who are the alternatives of Karma’s Cafe?

some of the alternatives to Karma’s Cafe Canada are King Tandoori, JOEY, and, Milestones. You can enjoy the regional flavor here like that of East Asia cuisine.

Concluding Remarks 

To sum up, Karma’s Cafe in Petersburg, Canada, offers a wide and mouthwatering variety of Himalayan and East Asian fusion cuisine

The menu has many taste preferences from appetizers like Thai spring rolls and Tibetan momos to curry dishes, rice platters, noodle bowls, and soups. The Cafe’s commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients and authentic cooking techniques ensures that every dish is a delightful culinary experience. If our data comprising menu with prices need correction or improvement, you can contact us through comments.

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