Jollibee Menu Prices In Canada

Jollibee Menu Prices in Canada

Jollibee is flying high in Canada with its mouthwatering Crispy Chicken! This popular fast-food chain landed in the Great White North in 2021. From their legendary chunky chickens to saucy spaghetti, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings. 

Jollibee is the primary and most popular brand of Jollibee Foods Corporation. Jollibee has 70 stores in North America and 1300 stores worldwide, with many more locations planned.

I aim to share the Jollibee menu with prices and latest deals so that you can decide and save your earnings to enjoy your favorite food soon. Let’s discuss.

Canadian Jollibee Restaurant Menu With Prices

Anniversary Bundles

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Sandwiches Anniversary DealCAN$ 30.5
Perfect Pair Anniversary DealCAN$ 30.5
Jolly Crispy Chicken Bucket Anniversary DealCAN$ 30.5

Jolly Crispy Chicken Meal Deals

Menu ItemPrice
12pc Jolly Crispy Chicken Meal DealCAN$ 45.00
2pc Jolly Crispy Chicken Meal DealCAN$ 16.00
6pc Jolly Crispy Chicken Meal DealCAN$ 30.00
10pc Jolly Crispy Chicken Meal DealCAN$ 47.00
Jolly Crispy Chicken Family Meal Deal (Pies)CAN$ 48.00
Jolly Crispy Chicken Family Meal Deal (sides)CAN$ 48.00

Jolly Crispy Chicken

Menu ItemPriceCalories
10 Pc Jolly Crispy Chicken BucketCAN$ 38.992900-3000 Cals
6 Pc Jolly Crispy Chicken BucketCAN$ 23.991700-1800 Cals
Bucket Treat ACAN$ 29.993290-3490 Cals
Jolly Crispy Chicken Bucket Treat BCAN$ 47.994290-4490 Cals
Bucket Treat CCAN$ 48.994690-4890 Cals
Bucket Treat DCAN$ 77.996290-6490 Cals
2 Pc Jolly Crispy Chicken w/ 1 SideCAN$ 10.49580-600 Cals
2 Pc Jolly Crispy Chicken w/ 1 Side & DrinkCAN$ 12.49580-600 Cals
2 Pc Jolly Crispy Chicken w/ 2 SidesCAN$ 12.49580-600 Cals
2 Pc Jolly Crispy Chicken w/ 2 Sides & DrinkCAN$ 14.49580-600 Cals
3 Pc Jolly Crispy Chicken w/ 1 SideCAN$ 14.49880-900 Cals
3 Pc Jolly Crispy Chicken w/ 1 Side & DrinkCAN$ 16.49880-900 Cals
3 Pc Jolly Crispy Chicken w/ 2 SidesCAN$ 16.49880-900 Cals
3 Pc Jolly Crispy Chicken w/ 2 Sides & DrinkCAN$ 18.49880-900 Cals
1 Pc Jolly Crispy Chicken w/ Jolly SpaghettiCAN$ 10.49200-220 Cals
1 Pc Jolly Crispy Chicken w/ Jolly Spaghetti & DrinkCAN$ 12.49200-220 Cals
1 pc Jolly Crispy Chicken w/ Palabok FiestaCAN$ 11.49200-220 Cals
1 pc Jolly Crispy Chicken w/ Palabok Fiesta & DrinkCAN$ 13.49200-220 Cals

Jolly Spaghetti and Palabok Fiesta

Menu ItemPriceCalories
Jolly SpaghettiCAN$ 7.99600-620 Cals
Jolly Spaghetti w/ DrinkCAN$ 9.99600-620 Cals
Jolly Spaghetti Family PackCAN$ 19.991800-1830 Cals
Palabok FiestaCAN$ 9.49400-420 Cals
Palabok Fiesta w/ DrinkCAN$ 11.49400-420 Cals
Palabok Fiesta Family PackCAN$ 25.991200-1240 Cals

Jolly Spaghetti and Palabok Party Packs

Menu ItemPriceCalories
Palabok Fiesta Party PackCAN$ 65.993300-3300 Cals
Jolly Spaghetti Party PackCAN$ 49.994890-4890 Cals

Chicken Sandwiches

Menu ItemPriceCalories
Original Chicken SandwichCAN$ 8.49600-620 Cals
Original Chicken Sandwich w/ 1 Side & DrinkCAN$ 12.49960-1240 Cals
Deluxe Chicken SandwichCAN$ 9.29620-640 Cals
Deluxe Chicken Sandwich w/ 1 Side & DrinkCAN$ 13.29980-1260 Cals
Spicy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 8.49550-570 Cals
Spicy Chicken Sandwich w/ 1 Side & DrinkCAN$ 12.49910-1190 Cals
Spicy Deluxe Chicken SandwichCAN$ 9.29560-590 Cals
Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwich w/ 1 Side & DrinkCAN$ 13.29930-1210 Cals

Chicken Tenders

Menu ItemPriceCalories
3 Pc Chicken TendersCAN$ 11.991370 Cals
3 Pc Chicken Tenders w/ 1 Side & DrinkCAN$ 15.991370 Cals
6 Pc Chicken TendersCAN$ 19.991500 Cals
10 Pc Chicken TendersCAN$ 32.002430 Cals


Menu ItemPriceCalories
YumburgerCAN$ 5.49340-360 Cals
Yumburger w/ 1 Side & DrinkCAN$ 9.49340-360 Cals
Cheesy YumburgerCAN$ 5.99400-420 Cals
Cheesy Yumburger w/ 1 Side & DrinkCAN$ 9.99400-420 Cals
Big YumburgerCAN$ 10.99650-670 Cals
Big Yumburger w/ 1 Side & DrinkCAN$ 14.99650-670 Cals
Aloha YumburgerCAN$ 11.99750-770 Cals
Aloha Yumburger w/ 1 Side & DrinkCAN$ 15.99750-770 Cals

Burger Steaks

Menu ItemPriceCalories
2 Pc Burger Steak w/ 1 SideCAN$ 10.99550-570 Cals
2 Pc Burger Steak w/ 1 Side & DrinkCAN$ 12.99550-570 Cals
2 Pc Burger Steak w/ 2 SidesCAN$ 12.99740-910 Cals
2 Pc Burger Steak w/ 2 Sides & DrinkCAN$ 14.99740-910 Cals
3 Pc Burger Steak w/ 1 SideCAN$ 14.49720-750 Cals
3 Pc Burger Steak w/ 1 Side & DrinkCAN$ 16.49720-750 Cals
3 Pc Burger Steak w/ 2 SidesCAN$ 16.49920-1090 Cals
3 Pc Burger Steak w/ 2 Sides & DrinkCAN$ 18.49920-1090 Cals
Burger Steak Family PackCAN$ 28.991000-1060 Cals


Menu ItemPriceCalories
French Fries RegularCAN$ 3.49320-340 Cals
French Fries LargeCAN$ 4.99650-680 Cals
Mashed Potatoes RegularCAN$ 3.49150-170 Cals
Mashed Potatoes LargeCAN$ 4.99320-340 Cals
Steamed RiceCAN$ 3.49170-190 Cals
Side Jolly SpaghettiCAN$ 4.99450-500 Cals
Adobo RiceCAN$ 3.49230 Cals

Drinks and Desserts

Menu ItemsPriceCals
Peach Mango PieCAN$ 3.49250-270 Cals
6pc Peach Mango Pie Snack PackCAN$ 20.001500-1620
Pineapple QuencherCAN$ 3.99160-180 Cals
Pepsi (20 oz)CAN$ 2.99200-250 Cals
Diet Pepsi (20 oz)CAN$ 2.990 Cals
Mug Root Beer (20 oz)CAN$ 2.99200-250 Cals
Brisk Iced Tea (20 oz)CAN$ 2.99160-200 Cals
Raspberry Brisk Iced TeaCAN$ 2.99160-200 Cals
Mountain Dew (20 oz)CAN$ 2.99220-280 Cals
Coconut Pineapple Pie 4 PackCAN$ 10.00800-1000 Cals
Coconut Pineapple PieCAN$ 3.49200-250 Cals
Mango Pineapple QuencherCAN$ 4.25220-280 Cals
Starry Lemon LimeCAN$ 2.99200-250 Cals
Tropicana Pink LemonadeCAN$ 2.99200-250 Cals
Tropicana Fruit PunchCAN$ 2.99220-280 Cals

What are the famous dishes in Jollibee?

Jollibee is a popular Filipino fast-food restaurant chain. People in Canada love Jollibee for its tasty and unique food. Some of the most popular menu items that customers order often are:

  • Its famous juicy fried chicken
  • Sweet and saucy spaghetti
  • Other dishes with flavors from Filipino cuisine, such as Jollibee’s one-of-a-kind chicken, sweet spaghetti, and Filipino-style foods, have made it a beloved part of the culture in Canada.

Yummy Sweet Spaghetti from Jollibee

Jollibee makes a tasty, sweet spaghetti that mixes together flavors from the Philippines and Italy. Their spaghetti sauce is sweet with hotdogs, ground beef, and grated cheese stirred in. It’s poured over soft, perfectly cooked spaghetti noodles.

Jollibee’s Famous Crispy Chickenjoy

The most popular menu item at Jollibee is their special Chickenjoy fried chicken. I’m also a chicken lover but you will like it for sure. It is made with a crispy coating on the outside and tasty, juice-filled chicken on the inside.

Chickenjoy chicken comes with a little cup of gravy that you can dip it in. It usually is served in a meal with rice and a drink.

Jollibee’s Delicious Yumburger

The Yumburger is what I recommend at Jollibee, which is a perfect little burger when you need to grab a snack fast. Inside the soft bun, there is a juicy beef patty cooked with Jollibee’s special seasoning and its tasty sauce. Even though it’s small, the Yumburger is packed with big, yummy flavors.

Jollibee’s Tasty Burger Steak

The Burger Steak at Jollibee gives you a burger and steak dinner all in one. It’s a juicy burger patty covered in flavorful brown mushroom sauce. The patty and sauce come served over white rice.

Branches of Jollibee in Canada

Jollibee has rapidly expanded across Canada over the past five years. The Filipino fast-food chain now has 29 locations spread across 5 provinces. Let me share the the breakdown by provinces

  • Ontario – 13 locations
  • Alberta – 8 locations
  • British Columbia – 4 locations
  • Manitoba – 3 locations
  • Saskatchewan – 1 location

Cities like Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg have multiple Jollibee outlets to meet high demand. Smaller towns with Jollibee restaurants include Mississauga, Scarborough, Surrey, and Brampton.

History and Opening in Canada

Jollibee opened in Canada in 2016 with its inaugural Winnipeg, Manitoba location. This hugely popular Filipino fast-food chain chose to expand into Canada due to the country’s large Filipino population.

Jollibee quickly became famous for its signature crispy fried chicken, Chickenjoy, and its sweet-style Jolly Spaghetti, reminiscent of Filipino spaghetti. The chain also offers burgers, rice bowls, and unique desserts like halo-halo and peach mango pie.

Jollibee has expanded to 29 locations across Canada’s major cities in just five years. It continues to grow annually as its popularity spreads beyond the Filipino community to all Canadians looking for an alternative to typical fast-food burgers and fries.

Alternatives to Jollibee in Canada

If you can’t travel to Jollibee, then find nearby restaurants that make food similar to the popular Filipino fast food chains. Their fried chicken, sweet spaghetti, and tasty rice meals can also be found close by. Get your fix of Jollibee-style comfort dishes in your neighborhood.

Nutrition Information and Dietary Options

Jollibee has a variety of menu items and provides detailed nutrition facts for each food. This helps customers pick items based on their needs. 

For Athletes 

For athletes, Jollibee has good choices like Chickenjoy meals, which provide lean protein. A Chickenjoy drumstick with rice gives 270 calories, 27g protein, and 44g carbs. Chicken tenders are high in protein, too, with six pieces providing 77g protein and 1270 calories.

Spaghetti topped with Chickenjoy is a balanced meal, with one drumstick and spaghetti giving 860 calories, 37g protein, and 57g carbs.

For Vegetarians

Vegetarians needing plant based protein can choose Jollibee items like spaghetti without chicken, which has 23g of plant protein and 610 calories per serving. The Yumburger has a veggie patty, and with cheese, it gives 16g of protein for 410 calories.

Palabok noodles get 20g of plant protein from the soy-based sauce. One bowl provides 410 calories and 49g carbs for energy. In my opinion, adding lemon gives a tangy flavor. The dairy-based but vegetarian halo-halo dessert has 10g of plant protein for a sweet treat. 

For Dieters 

For dieters wanting lower calories and fat, Jollibee has lighter options. I would recommend them Chicken tenders that offers lean protein, with 3 pieces having 330 calories and 33g protein. Pair with a small salad for a low-calorie meal.

A kid’s meal with one drumstick, rice, and gravy has 470 calories and 26g of protein for a filling, lower-calorie choice. The Yum burger is 360 calories but still has 13g of protein, so replacing the fried side with fruit makes it lighter.

Compared to spaghetti, Palabok noodles are lower-calorie at 410 calories per serving. 

Opening Hours and Closing Times for Jollibee in Canada

Jollibee brings a taste of the Philippines to Canada with its beloved fried chicken and sweet spaghetti. The popular fast-food chain now has multiple locations across the country. I have listed down the latest opening and closing times so you know when you can stop in to enjoy their signature dishes.


Jollibee locations across Canada have consistent opening and closing times, with slightly earlier weekend hours to serve breakfast. This makes it easy for loyal customers to grab their Jollibee fixes any day of the week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jollibee offer any discounts or deals in Canada?

Yes, Jollibee offers weekly/monthly promos like Family Feast deals for large groups and occasional flash sales on its app. Students and seniors get a 10% discount on Wednesdays. Rewards members get freebies and discounts.

Is Jollibee food healthier than typical fast food burgers and fries?

Jollibee has some healthier options like grilled chicken and salads, but most food is still deep fried and high in Calories/fat like typical fast food. Customers concerned about health can request no-skin chicken or avoid fried sides.

Does it offer delivery in Canada?

Yes, Jollibee offers delivery through major food delivery apps like Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, DoorDash, etc. Delivery minimums and fees vary by location. Delivery range is usually within 5-10km.

Does it offer combos or meal deals?

Yes, Jollibee has combo meals like Chickenjoy & Jolly Spaghetti, Yumburger & Fries, and Family Chicken combo with chicken, burgers, and sides. Value meals can include drinks and desserts.

Does Jollibee serve breakfast in Canada?

A few locations offer breakfast from 9-11 am on weekends. Options include corned beef hash, chicken and rice bowl, hotdogs, and pancakes. Not all locations have breakfast yet.

What is the best selling in the Jollibee?

One of the best-selling items at Jollibee is the “Chickenjoy,” their signature fried chicken. Other popular menu items include the “Jolly Spaghetti” and the “Yumburger.”

Is Jollibee chicken free range?

Jollibee’s chicken sourcing may vary by location and supplier. Some locations may offer free-range chicken, while others may source from conventional poultry farms.

What is Jollibee chicken called?

Jollibee’s fried chicken is famously known as “Chickenjoy.” It’s one of the signature and most beloved menu items at Jollibee.

What is the cheapest item on Jollibee’s menu in Canada?

The cheapest item on the Jollibee menu is a mug of Root Beer for CAN$ 2.99

What is the most expensive item on Jollibee’s menu in Canada?

The most expensive item on the Jollibee menu is the Palabok Fiesta Party Pack for CAN$ 65.99

What vegan options does Jollibee offer?

Jollibee has rice, Pineapple Quencher, coffee at some locations, and soda for vegans.

What food options are gluten-free?

Rice, plain Mashed Potatoes, Ranch Dip, a Filipino Dessert, Pineapple Quencher, some coffee, and Soda are gluten-free at Jollibee.

Are Jollibee menu items certified halal or kosher?

No, Jollibee cannot guarantee halal or kosher status due to varying suppliers, shared equipment, and certification criteria.

Where can I apply coupon codes?

Apply coupon codes at checkout on the Jollibee website or app.

How can I find Jollibee’s current promotions?

Check the Coupons page or sign up for email updates to get deals and offers.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, if you’re looking for Filipino flavors in Canada, Jollibee is the place to visit. From the iconic Chickenjoy to the delightful Jolly Spaghetti and Yumburger, there’s something for everyone.

I have almost shared everything about Jollibee menu prices in Canada. Don’t miss out on experiencing the taste of the Philippines right in your neighborhood. Do tell us about your experience in comments section below.

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