Panago Pizza Menu Prices in Canada

Panago Pizza Menu Prices in Canada

As a pizza lover I know it is time taking and difficult to find a restaurant with taste and environment at a single place. I have tried different pizzas but panago pizza has its own place. 

It is a popular Canadian pizza chain known for its delicious thin-crust pizzas and unique topping combinations. Panago offers you every variety of pizza from Deluxe Pepperoni Pizzas to Garlic Cheezy Bread

In addition, they offer a delectable range of options to satisfy any pizza craving. I have sorted out their menus and prices so that you can easily pick them up before visiting the restaurant.

Let’s have a look at all types of the pizzas they offer in detail:

Meat Pizzas

Deluxe (pepperoni)CAN$ 16.35
Brooklyn PepperoniCAN$ 14.40
Tropical HawaiianCAN$ 15.70
True CanadianCAN$ 15.70
BBQ Bacon ChickenCAN$ 18.30
Panago ClassicCAN$ 17.00
HawaiianCAN$ 16.35
TruffleroniCAN$ 13.75
Hot Honey Brooklyn PepperoniCAN$ 17.65
New York DeliCAN$ 18.30
Steak Mushroom MeltCAN$ 18.65
Chicken ClubCAN$ 18.30
Chipotle ChickenCAN$ 15.70
Pesto ChickenCAN$ 18.65
Spicy CapicolloCAN$ 17.00

Veggie Pizzas

Veggie MediterraneanCAN$ 18.00
CheeseCAN$ 13.45
Garden VeggieCAN$ 17.00
Beyond Summer BBQCAN$ 16.35
Veggie KormaCAN$ 16.70
Pesto VegetarianCAN$ 16.70
Bella TruffleCAN$ 13.75
Hot Honey Meat-free PepperoniCAN$ 16.10
Beyond Spicy CalabreseCAN$ 16.35

Plant-Based Pizzas

Plant-based Beyond Spicy CalabreseCAN$ 16.70
Plant-based MediterraneanCAN$ 17.00
Plant-based Deluxe PepperoniCAN$ 17.00
Plant-based Beyond Summer BBQCAN$ 16.70
Plant-based Spicy HawaiianCAN$ 17.00

Organic Gluten Smart Crust Pizzas (Medium ONLY)

Organic Gluten-Smart HawaiianCAN$ 25.25
Organic Gluten-Smart Deluxe (pepperoni)CAN$ 24.95
Organic Gluten-Smart CheeseCAN$ 21.20
Organic Gluten-Smart Chicken ClubCAN$ 27.20
Organic Gluten-Smart BBQ Bacon ChickenCAN$ 27.20
Organic Gluten-Smart Panago ClassicCAN$ 25.50
Organic Gluten-Smart Steak Mushroom MeltCAN$ 29.25
Organic Gluten-Smart Bella TruffleCAN$ 23.65
Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-based Spicy HawaiianCAN$ 26.05
Organic Gluten-Smart Garden VeggieCAN$ 25.70
Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-based Beyond Spicy CalabreseCAN$ 25.40
Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-based MediterraneanCAN$ 26.05
Organic Gluten-Smart Hot Honey Brooklyn PepperoniCAN$ 23.90
Organic Gluten-Smart Spicy CapicolloCAN$ 26.70
Organic Gluten-Smart New York DeliCAN$ 27.20
Organic Gluten-Smart True CanadianCAN$ 24.75
Organic Gluten-Smart Tropical HawaiianCAN$ 24.75
Organic Gluten-Smart TruffleroniCAN$ 23.65
Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-based Deluxe PepperoniCAN$ 26.05
Organic Gluten-Smart Chipotle ChickenCAN$ 24.95
Organic Gluten-Smart Beyond Spicy CalabreseCAN$ 24.75
Organic Gluten-Smart Pesto ChickenCAN$ 29.25
Organic Gluten-Smart Pesto VegetarianCAN$ 25.70
Organic Gluten-Smart Veggie KormaCAN$ 25.70
Organic Gluten-Smart Veggie MediterraneanCAN$ 26.95
Organic Gluten-Smart Beyond Summer BBQCAN$ 24.75
Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-based Beyond Summer BBQCAN$ 25.40
Organic Gluten-Smart Hot Honey Meat-free PepperoniCAN$ 25.00
Organic Gluten-Smart Brooklyn PepperoniCAN$ 21.35

CYO Organic Gluten Smart Crust Pizzas (Medium ONLY)

CYO Organic Gluten-Smart Pizza (Medium 12″)CAN$ 18.75

CYO Pizzas

CYO Pizza (Medium 12″)CAN$ 14.50
CYO Pizza (Large 14″)CAN$ 17.50
CYO Pizza (Small 10″)CAN$ 11.50
CYO Pizza (Extra-Large 16″)CAN$ 20.50


Caesar SaladCAN 9.50
Garden SaladCAN$ 9.50
Mediterranean SaladCAN$ 9.50

Create Your Own Salad

Create Your Own SaladCAN$ 7.50


Garlic Cheezy BreadCAN$ 7.75
Plant-based Cheezy BreadCAN$ 7.75
Hot Honey Impossible NuggetsCAN$ 11.25
Impossible NuggetsCAN$ 11.25
Truffle Cheezy BreadCAN$ 7.75
Super Cheezy BreadCAN$ 7.75
Chicken BitesCAN$ 11.25
Deliciously Simple Wings – 8 pcCAN$ 14.25
Honey Garlic Wings – 8 pcCAN$ 14.25
Hot + Spicy Wings – 8 pcCAN$ 14.25
Salt + Pepper Wings – 8 pcCAN$ 14.25
Hot Honey Chicken BitesCAN$ 11.25
BBQ Impossible NuggetsCAN$ 11.25
Gluten-smart Cheezy BreadCAN$ 11.50
Deliciously Simple Wings – 16 pcCAN$ 27.25
Honey Garlic Wings – 16 pcCAN$ 27.25
Hot + Spicy Wings – 16 pcCAN$ 27.25
Salt + Pepper Wings – 16 pcCAN$ 27.25
BBQ Chicken BitesCAN$ 11.25


Sweet Cinnamon BreadstickCAN$ 6.00
Mini New York CheesecakeCAN$ 5.25
Apple PieCAN$ 12.25


Jalapeño Ranch DipCAN$ 1.75
Sriracha Ranch Dip (vegan)CAN$ 1.75
Cheezy Cheddar DipCAN$ 1.75
Classic Caesar DipCAN$ 1.75
Italian Tomato Dip (vegan)CAN$ 1.75
Blue Cheese DipCAN$ 1.75
Sweet Frost Dip (vegan)CAN$ 1.75
Cayenne Hot Sauce Dip (vegan)CAN$ 1.75
Cheezy Formaggio JarCAN$ 7.25
Chipotle Cilantro DipCAN$ 1.75
BBQ Dip (vegan)CAN$ 1.75
Sweet Mustard Dip (vegan)CAN$ 1.75
Avocado Cilantro Dip (vegan)CAN$ 1.75
Balsamic Vinaigrette DipCAN$ 1.75
Jalapeño Ranch JarCAN$ 7.25


Pop – Mug Root BeerCAN$ 3.00
Pop – Lipton Brisk Iced TeaCAN$ 3.00
Pop – Dr. PepperCAN$ 3.00
Pop – Orange CrushCAN$ 3.00
Bubly Sparkling Water – Bubly LimeCAN$ 3.00
Pop – PepsiCAN$ 3.00
Pop – Diet PepsiCAN$ 3.00
Water / Juice – Organic Juice – GrappleCAN$ 1.75
Water / Juice – Organic Juice – LemonadeCAN$ 1.75
Water / Juice – Bottled WaterCAN$ 2.95
Water / Juice – Organic Juice – OrangoCAN$ 1.75
Pop – 7 UpCAN$ 3.00
Pop – Schweppes Ginger AleCAN$ 3.00
Bubly Sparkling Water – Bubly BlackberryCAN$ 3.00

Most Popular Items of Panago Pizza in Canada

There are many famous pizza chains like Little Caesars in Canada. Each food brand has its own most popular menu items that are distinguished from the rest. If I talk about Panago Pizza, generally all the menu items of Panago are tasty but some are matchless and people want them more. 

They range from classic favorites to innovative twists all at reasonable prices. So, if you are newly introduced to Panago and hesitate to try their menu items, I would suggest that you order a few of them to discover what level of taste they give to their customers. 

Most Popular Items of Panago Pizza in Canada

Let’s discover the delicious options of Panago pizza.

Hawaiian pizza

If you want to taste the classic flavors with a tropical twist, I would recommend you try their Hawaiian pizza. It’s loaded with ham, pineapple, and gooey cheese, providing you with a perfect combo of sweet and savory.

Deluxe Pepperoni pizza

Deluxe Pepperoni pizza is for those who are meat lovers. It’s loaded with savory pepperoni slices and melty cheese. I would highly recommend it if you want to try something meaty.

Cheese Pizza

If you’re a cheese lover, you’ve got to try the Cheese pizza. It’s simple but so satisfying, with gooey cheese in every bite. The cheese used in the pizza is highly hygienic and healthy. 

Plant-based Spicy Hawaiian

If you are among those who want such a pizza that is healthier and spicy, I would recommend you to try the Plant-based Spicy Hawaiian. It has all the tropical flavors you enjoy, but with a plant-based twist that’s sure to impress.

Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-Based Spicy Hawaiian

Let me introduce you to a pizza that is not only spicy and tasteful but also organic and made with plant-based spicy ingredients. For those with dietary restrictions, the Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-Based Spicy Hawaiian is a delicious option. It’s packed with flavor, but made with organic, gluten-smart crust and plant-based toppings, so you can enjoy every bite. 

Whatever you choose from the above most popular pizzas, you will surely satisfy your cravings at Panago Pizza!

History Panago Pizza 

Rooke family was the founder of Panago Pizza. They laid its foundation in 1986 in British Columbia. The first three stores opened under the name “Panagopoulos 2 for 1 Pizza Place.” 

Over time, the name was shortened to “Panagopoulos Pizza Place,” then “Panagopoulos,” before finally settling on the simpler “Panago” in 2000. Panago began in BC and expanded across Canada, especially in Ontario. Their first Toronto location opened at Bay and Gerrard in 2007

Today, there are approximately 200 locations across Canada and each store operates independently, with offices in Abbotsford and Toronto.

Nutrition Information

Nutritional information gives you the exact knowledge of the diet your body needs. Fortunately, the menus of Panago Pizza fulfill the dietary options for all. 

Their menu is for everyone, from athletes to vegetarians and those watching calories. Let me tell you some top-recommended options for different dietary needs:

For athlete

Those who are athletes need food that provides energy to the body and helps with muscle recovery. 

For all such kinds of working masses, the good choice is to go for the BBQ Bacon Chicken pizza with the Organic Gluten-smart crust with 240 calories, and 13g of protein. and 9g fats. After your workout, the Chicken Bites (10 pc) with 600 calories, 35g protein, and 35g fat make a convenient snack or meal choice.

For vegetarian

Not only athletes, Panago has many vegetarian pizzas by have taste, you not only enjoy the flavor but a healthy diet. 

The Garden Veggie pizza with a Multigrain Thin crust (150 calories, 7g protein, 5g fat) is packed with veggies and fiber. The Pesto Vegetarian pizza with the Organic Gluten-smart crust (220 calories, 6g protein, 11g fat) is another flavorful choice, with tasty pesto sauce.

For Dieters

In addition to athletes and vegetarians, Panago also has tasty lighter options. If you are on diet I would recommend you to try the Plant-based Deluxe Pepperoni pizza with Multigrain Thin crust which is only 130 calories, while the Hot Honey Meat-free Pepperoni pizza with Thin crust is just 170 calories, both delicious without compromising taste.

In short, Panago’s dietary options ensure everyone finds something tasty and healthy.

Alternative to Panago Pizza in Canada

Canadians have a deep love for pizza, as much as they love poutine. While there are thousands of pizza places across the country, only a few have gained widespread recognition. Here are the top most popular pizza chains in Canada, in addition to Panago Pizza, found all over the nation. 

Delivery Process

Panago Pizza in Canada offers swift and efficient delivery services through two mechanisms either via third-party platforms like DoorDash, UberEATS, and SkipTheDishes, or direct phone orders to Panago’s stores.

One interesting fact about Panago Pizza is that it offers a convenient option for pizza delivery and takeout. Once your order is placed, Panago’s team begins preparing your pizza using fresh ingredients. Then, a delivery driver picks up your order and brings it directly to your doorstep. With Panago’s reliable delivery service, you can enjoy hot and delicious pizza in no time.


Panago Pizza offers a diverse menu with a wide range of options to cater to various dietary preferences and needs. From classic meat pizzas and vegetarian choices to plant-based and gluten-smart options, there’s something for everyone. The menu also includes salads, sides, and desserts, allowing customers to create a complete meal experience. With detailed nutrition information provided, Panago empowers customers to make informed decisions and find items that align with their dietary goals and taste preferences.

FAQs on Panago Pizza Menu in Canada

What are the operating hours of restaurants?

Panago Pizza operates from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm in Canada. The hours may vary depending on the location and day of the week. You can check the specific operating hours of their nearest store on the website.

Do Panago Pizza restaurants menus and their prices vary by location?

Yes, Panago Pizza menus are generally consistent across locations. However, prices may vary slightly by province based on regional differences and taxes.

What is the cheapest food item on the Panago Pizza menu in Canada?

The cheapest food item on the Panago Pizza menu is a Mini New York Cheesecake for CAN$ 5.25

What is the most expensive food item on the Panago Pizza menu in Canada?

The most expensive food item on the Panago Pizza menu is the Organic Gluten-Smart Steak Mushroom for CAN$ 29.25

How big are panago pizzas?

Panago pizzas come in three sizes: 10″ small, which has 6 slices; 12″ medium, with 8 slices; and 14″ large, offering 10 slices.

What sauces are on Panago pizza?

Panago offers a variety of sauces for their pizzas, including BBQ Sauce, Cheezy Cheddar Sauce, Chipotle Cilantro Sauce, Organic Tomato Sauce, Jalapeño White Sauce and Pesto Sauce.

How many Panago pizza locations are there?

Panago Pizza has approximately 200 locations across six provinces in Canada.

What is the slogan of Panago Pizza?

Panago Pizza’s slogan is “A Fresh Approach to Pizza.” It reflects their commitment to providing fresh and high-quality ingredients in their pizzas.

Is Panago a Canadian company?

Yes, Panago is a Canadian company founded in 1986 by the Rooke family. It operates as a privately held pizza delivery and takeout chain, serving customers across Canada.

Why did Panago change their name?

Panago changed its name from Panagopoulos to Panago in 2000. The decision was made because the company believed that the new name would be easier to pronounce for customers.

Does Panago offer catering services?

Yes, Panago offers catering services for any occasion, whether it’s lunch or dinner.

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