Wok Box Menu Prices In Canada

Wok Box Menu Prices in Canada

Every food chain has its serving style and taste. If I talk about Wok Box, the restaurant is popular in Canada for its fresh, customized Asian noodle and rice meals served in cool takeout boxes. 

They wonderfully mix traditional flavors from over 10 Asian countries with modern twists. Another distinct thing I observe while having dinner is that they let you watch the chefs cook your meal. 

So, they are ready to satisfy everyone if you want to make the dining experience unique. Let’s see their menu items and prices in detail.

Latest Update On Wok Box Menu With Prices In Canada

Noodle Box

Menu ItemPrice
Sweet Mongolian Noodles BoxCAN$ 16.99
Hong Kong Spice Noodles BoxCAN$ 16.99
Pad Thai Noodles BoxCAN$ 16.99
Kung Pao Noodles BoxCAN$ 16.99
Dan Dan Noodles BoxCAN$ 16.99
Teriyaki Noodles BoxCAN$ 16.99
Firecracker Noodles BoxCAN$ 16.99
Singapore Cashew Noodles BoxCAN$ 16.99

Noodle Box Combos

Menu ItemPrice
Singapore Cashew ComboCAN$ 21.48
Sweet Mongolian ComboCAN$ 21.48
Hong Kong Spice ComboCAN$ 21.48
Pad Thai ComboCAN$ 21.48
Kung Pao ComboCAN$ 21.48
Dan Dan ComboCAN$ 21.48
Teriyaki ComboCAN$ 21.48
Firecracker ComboCAN$ 21.48

Rice Box

Menu ItemPrice
Butter Chicken BoxCAN$ 16.99
Jungle Lemongrass BoxCAN$ 16.99
Thai Red BoxCAN$ 16.99
Korean Beef Bulgogi BoxCAN$ 16.99
Crispy Chicken BoxCAN$ 16.99
Ginger Beef BoxCAN$ 16.99
Mongolian Beef And Broccoli BoxCAN$ 16.99

Rice Box Combos

Menu ItemPrice
Butter Chicken ComboCAN$ 21.48
Jungle Lemongrass ComboCAN$ 21.48
Thai Red ComboCAN$ 21.48
Korean Beef Bulgogi ComboCAN$ 21.48
Crispy Chicken ComboCAN$ 21.48
Ginger Beef ComboCAN$ 21.48
Mongolian Beef And Broccoli ComboCAN$ 21.48


Menu ItemPrice
Butter Chicken PoutineCAN$ 16.99
Tokyo Beef PoutineCAN$ 16.99
Fully Loaded FriesCAN$ 16.99
Traditional PoutineCAN$ 14.99
Buffalo Chicken PoutineCAN$ 16.99
Philly Cheesesteak PoutineCAN$ 16.99

Poutine Combos

Menu ItemPrice
Tokyo Beef Poutine ComboCAN$ 21.48
Fully Loaded Fries ComboCAN$ 21.48
Butter Chicken Poutine ComboCAN$ 21.48
Traditional Poutine ComboCAN$ 19.48
Philly Cheesesteak Poutine ComboCAN$ 21.48
Buffalo Chicken Poutine ComboCAN$ 21.48

Wings and Tenders

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Wings (6 pieces)Chicken Wings (10 pieces)
Chicken Wings (20 pieces)
Chicken Wings (50 pieces Party Pack)
CAN$ 14.99
CAN$ 20.99
CAN$ 35.49
CAN$ 75.99
Breaded Chicken Wings (6 pieces)
Breaded Chicken Wings (10 pieces)
Breaded Chicken Wings (20 pieces)
Breaded Chicken Wings (50 pieces Party Pack)
CAN$ 14.99
CAN$ 20.99
CAN$ 35.49
CAN$ 75.99
Boneless Chicken Wings (6 pieces)
Boneless Chicken Wings (10 pieces)
Boneless Chicken Wings (20 pieces)
Boneless Chicken Wings (50 pieces Party Pack)
CAN$ 14.99
CAN$ 20.99
CAN$ 35.49
CAN$ 75.99
Chicken Tenders (5 pieces)
Chicken Tenders (10 pieces)
CAN$ 14.99
CAN$ 23.99
Side Of SauceCAN$ 1.49

Wings and Tenders Combos

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Wings Combo (6 pieces)
Chicken Wings Combo (10 pieces)
CAN$ 19.48
CAN$ 23.97
Breaded Chicken Wings Combo (6 pieces)
Breaded Chicken Wings Combo (10 pieces)
CAN$ 19.48
CAN$ 23.97
Boneless Wings Combo (6 pieces)
Boneless Wings Combo (10 pieces)
CAN$ 19.48
CAN$ 23.97
Chicken Tenders Combo (6 pieces)
Chicken Tenders Combo (10 pieces)
CAN$ 19.48
CAN$ 23.97

Chicken Sandwiches

Menu ItemPrice
Korean BBQCAN$ 10.99
Hong Kong PhooeyCAN$ 10.99
Kimchi ChickenCAN$ 10.99
Buffy- Lo The Chicken SlayerCAN$ 10.99
BIG BawkCAN$ 10.99
Bang Bang ChickenCAN$ 10.99

Chicken Sandwich Combos

Menu ItemPrice
Korean BBQ ComboCAN$ 15.48
Hong Kong Phooey ComboCAN$ 15.48
Kimchi Chicken ComboCAN$ 15.48
Buffy- Lo The Chicken Slayer ComboCAN$ 15.48
BIG Bawk ComboCAN$ 15.48
Bang Bang Chicken ComboCAN$ 15.48

Crispy Chicken Bites

Menu ItemPrice
Crispy Chicken Bites 7 oz
Crispy Chicken Bites 14 oz
CAN$ 14.99
CAN$ 23.99

Soup and Stuff

Menu ItemPrice
Wor-Wonton SoupCAN$ 13.99
Wonton-SoupCAN$ 11.99
Vietnamese-Beef PhoCAN$ 13.99

Soup and Stuff Combos

Menu ItemPrice
Wor Wonton Soup ComboCAN$ 18.48
Wonton Soup ComboCAN$ 16.48
Vietnamese Beef Pho ComboCAN$ 18.48

Kids Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Kids Dragon ChickenCAN$ 7.99
Kids Crispy ChickenCAN$ 7.99
Kids Jungle NoodlesCAN$ 7.99


Menu ItemPrice
Sweet Bao Buns (12 Pcs)CAN$ 6.49


Menu ItemPrice
Potstickers (4 Pcs)CAN$ 7.99
Green Onion Cakes (6pcs)CAN$ 7.09
Spring Rolls (4 Pcs)CAN$ 7.99
Cheesy Kimchi FireBalls (4pcs)CAN$ 7.99
Bang Bang Shrimp (6 Pcs)CAN$ 10.79
French FriesCAN$ 5.89
Onion RingsCAN$ 7.49
Curly FriesCAN$ 6.88
Tater TotsCAN$ 6.88


Menu ItemPrice
RiceCAN$ 3.99
Side Noodles With SauceCAN$ 3.99
Naan-BreadCAN$ 3.99
KimchiCAN$ 2.49
BaconCAN$ 2.49
Ginger-Soy EggCAN$ 2.49


Menu ItemPrice
Pepsi® (355ml)CAN$ 1.99
Diet Pepsi® (355ml)CAN$ 1.99
7UP® (355ml)CAN$ 1.99
Dr Pepper® (355ml)CAN$ 1.99
Orange Crush® (355ml)CAN$ 1.99
Mountain Dew® (355ml)CAN$ 1.99
MUG® Root Beer (355ml)CAN$ 1.99
Brisk® Iced Tea (355ml)CAN$ 1.99
Schweppes® Ginger Ale (355ml)CAN$ 1.99
Pepsi (591ml)CAN$ 3.59
Diet Pepsi (591ml)CAN$ 3.59
Pepsi Zero Sugar (591ml)CAN$ 3.59
Schweppes Ginger Ale (591ml)CAN$ 3.59
MUG Root Beer (591ml)CAN$ 3.59
7UP (591ml)CAN$ 3.59
Brisk Iced Tea (591ml)CAN$ 3.59
Mountain Dew (591ml)CAN$ 3.59
Dole Orange Juice (450 ml)CAN$ 3.59
Dole Apple Juice (450 ml)CAN$ 3.59
Kids Orange Juice (200 ml)CAN$ 1.49
Kids Apple Juice (200 Ml)CAN$ 1.49
Pure Leaf Lemon Iced® Tea (547 ml)CAN$ 3.79
Pure Leaf Raspberry Iced® Tea (547 ml)CAN$ 3.79
Pure Leaf Peach Iced® Tea (547 ml)CAN$ 3.79
Aquafina® Bottled WaterCAN$ 2.99
Chocolate Milk (473 ml)CAN$ 3.79
Gatorade ® (591ml)CAN$ 3.79


Menu ItemPrice
Coors Light (341 Ml 4% ABV)CAN$ 5.00
Budweiser (341 Ml 5% ABV)CAN$ 5.00
Sapporo (330ml 4.9% ABV)CAN$ 7.49
Corona (330ml 4.5% ABV)CAN$ 7.49
White Claw Black Cherry (355 ml Can – %5 AVB)CAN$ 5.00

Value Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Crispy Orange ChickenCAN$ 12.99
Spicy PeanutCAN$ 12.99
TeriyakiCAN$ 12.99
Half Traditional PoutineCAN$ 8.99

Most Popular Items of Wok Box

I have sorted some of the most popular food items at the Wok Box restaurant in Canada. The criteria I set for these famous dishes include people’s choice and delicious taste with healthy nutritional ingredients.

So, If you’re craving some Asian-inspired flavors but can’t decide what to order, don’t worry. Let’s explore the most popular items at Wok Box!

Most Popular Items of Wok Box

Crispy Chicken

I would recommend you to try the Crispy Chicken at Wok Box when you’re in the mood for some crunchy deliciousness. It’s a fan favorite with its golden-brown coating and tender chicken inside.

Crispy Chicken Combo

If you’re craving a taste of everything, I will say opt for the Crispy Chicken Combo. It offers a perfect balance of flavors and has a selection of delicious sides to complement your meal.


If you want the perfect balance of sweet and savory, Teriyaki dish is a must-try. It consists of tender meat or tofu, generously glazed in Wok Box’s signature teriyaki sauce, thus creating a mouthwatering experience you won’t forget.

Teriyaki Combo

If you want to taste the ultimate feast, go for the Teriyaki Combo. You’ll get the best with your choice of protein, served alongside a generous portion of fried rice.

Whether you’re a Wok Box regular or your first time trying it out, try these popular items to satisfy your cravings.

History of Wok Box

inspired by Asian takeout boxes from movies, Blair Stevens started Wok Box in Edmonton, Alberta in 2004. He thought, “What if we could eat Asian food out of boxes like in the movies?” 

So, the first Wok Box in downtown Edmonton drew big crowds from day one, telling Blair he had something great. From there, Wok Box quickly expanded across Western Canada, offering franchise opportunities and spreading across the country over 15 years

With over 60 stores today from British Columbia to Newfoundland, Wok Box has become a beloved part of Canadian dining, bringing a modern Pan-Asian experience coast to coast.

Locations of Wok Box in Canada

Wok Box has spread its delicious Pan-Asian food to various provinces across Canada, expanding over 60 restaurants nationwide. Here’s a breakdown of the provinces with the highest number of Wok Box locations:

  • Alberta: 27 locations
  • Saskatchewan: 13 locations
  • British Columbia: 8 locations
  • Ontario: 8 locations
  • Manitoba: 4 locations
  • Atlantic: 4 locations

Operating Hours of Wok Box

You can visit the restaurant during the following hours conveniently. Let’s see the operating hours and plan your next visit.

Operating Hours of Wok Box

Nutritional Information

Wok Box’s menu offers a wide range of dishes catering for all dietary needs. Whether you’re an athlete craving protein, a vegetarian looking for plant-based options, or watching your calories, Wok Box has something for everyone. Let’s find the perfect choice for you!

CategoryMenu ItemCalories, Protein, CarbsImpact Description
AthletesMongolian Beef and Broccoli Box (Regular)670 cals, 32g protein, 105g carbsTo boast an active lifestyle and support muscle recovery.
Teriyaki Noodles Box with Chicken or Shrimp (Regular)Around 580 cals, 25g protein, 112g carbsProvide sustained energy.
Kung Pao Noodles Box with Chicken or Beef (Sumo)Up to 940 cals, 42g protein, 135g carbsFor muscle building and repair
VegetariansSweet Mongolian Noodles Box (without protein) (Regular)580 calories, 7g protein, 113g carbsProvide a balance of carbohydrates and fiber.
Thai Red Box (without protein) (Regular)370 calories, 8g protein, 61g carbsProvide a moderate amount of carbohydrates and protein.
DietersDan Dan Noodles Box with Rice (Half)170 calories, 6g protein, 35g carbsProvide moderate carbohydrates and protein to manage calorie intake.
Pad Thai Noodles Box with Rice (Half)220 calories, 7g protein, 39g carbsA low-calorie option with a balanced mix of carbohydrates and protein.

Delivery Process

In Canada, Wok Box offers various options for ordering. Some stores might not have online ordering, so customers would need to call the store for pick-up.

However, many locations offer online ordering through their official website or app. Additionally, Wok Box partners with third-party platforms like UberEats, SkipTheDishes, and DoorDash for delivery services. 

Customers can choose the most convenient method for ordering their favorite dishes from Wok Box.

Mobile app 

The Wok Box does have a mobile app available for both android and iOS users. Here are some key features of the app: 

  • Build Your Box: Customize your order with ease. 
  • Loyalty Program: Earn rewards with every purchase. 
  • Location Finder: Locate the nearest Wok Box restaurant. 
  • Menus & Nutrition Info: Access the full menu and nutritional information. 
  • Payment: Pay conveniently through the app.

These features make the Wok Box mobile app convenient for customers to order.

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FAQs on Wok Box Menu in Canada

What is the cheapest food item on the Wok Box menu in Canada?

The cheapest food item on the Wok Box menu is Kimchi for CAN$ 2.49

What is the most expensive food item on the Wok Box menu in Canada?

Boneless Chicken Wings is the most expensive food item on the Wok Box menu. PARTY PAK (50 Pcs) for CAN$ 75.99

Does Wok Box offer gluten-friendly options?

Yes, Wok Box offers gluten-friendly options. Our dishes include lemon pepper beef, chicken, shrimp, tofu, and sauces like sweet and sour, jungle lemongrass curry, and Thai red curry.

What options does Wok Box have for vegans?

For vegans, Wok Box offers tofu, vegan chicken, sauces like buffalo, mild lemon, and plum, and sides like tater tots and curly fries.

Does Wok Box have the same operating hours?

No, Wok Box does not have the same operating hours. The operating hours vary depending on the location.

Are the menu items and their prices consistent across all locations?

Menu items and their prices at Wok Box are not consistent. They can differ from one location to another based on regional differences and taxes.

Final Thoughts

Wok Box is a beloved Canadian restaurant chain offering fresh, customized Asian noodles and rice dishes at reasonable prices. With over 60 locations nationwide, you can watch chefs cook your meal using flavors from 10+ Asian cuisines.

Whether you want noodle/rice boxes, wings, or poutines, Wok Box satisfies Asian food cravings across Canada. Make sure to visit and update me about your experience.

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