Jugo Juice Menu Prices in Canada

Jugo Juice Menu Prices in Canada

Typically, we mostly search for food chains. But sometimes our body needs something refreshing and healthy. For this to be found, we often wonder whether any place is available to satisfy drinking cravings.

Yes, I am introducing you to such a famous name for its smoothies and juices. Jugo Juice in Canada is a popular choice for health-conscious Canadians. 

It offers high-quality, freshly made juices, smoothies, grilled wraps, flatbreads, breakfast options, snacks and more. Let’s see their menu and prices in detail.

Jugo Juice Menu With Prices In Canada

Most Ordered

Menu ItemPrice
Mango Magic®CAN$ 6.45
Mighty KaleCAN$ 9.95
Big Blueberry ProteinCAN$ 10.45
Tropical Green ProteinCAN$ 10.45
Cranberry TurkeyCAN$ 11.20
Mocha ProteinCAN$ 11.05
Stay Up-BeetCAN$ 11.20
Peanut Butter ProteinCAN$ 11.05
Chicken Melt Grilled CheeseCAN$ 11.20
Jugo Classico®CAN$ 6.45
Kale AidCAN$ 11.20
Chicken Avocado WrapCAN$ 9.65

Beverages with Pearls

Menu ItemPrice
Moka FusionCAN$ 7.45
Twilight Black TeaCAN$ 7.45
Salted Caramel BlissCAN$ 7.45
Mango LemonadeCAN$ 7.45
Passion LemonadeCAN$ 7.45
Red Heart GuavaCAN$ 7.45
Champagne GrapeCAN$ 7.45
Shimmering LemonadeCAN$ 7.45
Blue Sky LemonadeCAN$ 7.45
Cran FizzCAN$ 7.45
Mystical MangoCAN$ 7.45
Matcha Made in HeavenCAN$ 7.95
Taro FantasyCAN$ 7.95

Classic Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Mango Magic® (Small)
Mango Magic® (Large)
CAN$ 6.45
CAN$ 8.25
Blushing Mango® (Small)
Blushing Mango® (Large)
CAN$ 6.45
CAN$ 8.25
Jugo Classico® (Small)
Jugo Classico® (Large)
CAN$ 6.45
CAN$ 8.25
Raspberry Rush®CAN$ 9.95
Berry Banana™CAN$ 9.65
Frosted LemonadeCAN$ 9.45
Peanut Butter & Chocolate™CAN$ 10.45

Fresh Energy Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Blue CrushCAN$ 10.45
New Vanilla MatchaCAN$ 10.45
Green GlowCAN$ 9.65
Dragon ForceCAN$ 9.45
Jugo Cold BrewCAN$ 9.95
KalebungaCAN$ 9.45
Lavender LoverCAN$ 10.45
Mighty KaleCAN$ 9.95

Protein Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Pink Power ProteinCAN$ 11.05
Mocha ProteinCAN$ 11.05
Big Blueberry ProteinCAN$ 10.45
Tropical Green ProteinCAN$ 10.45
Morning Blend ProteinCAN$ 12.15
Peanut Butter ProteinCAN$ 11.05

Immunity Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Super GreenCAN$ 9.95
Gold DiggerCAN$ 9.95
Liquid GoldCAN$ 9.95

Fresh Pressed Juices

Menu ItemPrice
OrangeCAN$ 10.45
Stay Up-BeetCAN$ 11.20
Triple ChargedCAN$ 10.15
Good ShotCAN$ 3.15
Kale AidCAN$ 11.20
AppleCAN$ 9.95
CarrotCAN$ 9.95


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Avocado WrapCAN$ 9.65
Tuna Avocado WrapCAN$ 8.65
Falafel WrapCAN$ 8.65
GOA Chicken WrapCAN$ 9.65
Thai Chicken WrapCAN$ 9.65
Turkey Bacon Club WrapCAN$ 9.45

Grilled Cheese

Menu ItemPrice
Three Cheese Grilled CheeseCAN$ 10.45
Chicken Caramelized Onion Grilled CheeseCAN$ 11.20
Salted Caramel Apple Grilled CheeseCAN$ 11.20
Cranberry Turkey Grilled CheeseCAN$ 11.20
Jalapeno Grilled CheeseCAN$ 11.20


Menu ItemPrice
AppleCAN$ 1.20
Go Macro BarCAN$ 3.95
Gluten-Friendly Fudge BrownieCAN$ 4.59
OrangeCAN$ 1.20

Bottled Beverages

Menu ItemPrice
Vitamin WaterCAN$ 2.95
Dasani WaterCAN$ 2.15

Grab n Go

Menu ItemPrice
Parfait granola / Granola ParfaitCAN$ 6.65

Most Popular Items at Jugo Juice

Trying all juices from a wide variety of jugo juice lists is not possible. Also, if you are new, you cannot know which items are famous and which people love. So, if you want a refreshing and nutritious drink but are unsure which one to choose, go through the top picks that I have shared below.

Most Popular Items at Jugo Juice

Mighty Kale Smoothie

If you need a healthy boost, I would suggest you to try the Mighty Kale Smoothie. It has nutritious kale and other wholesome ingredients, thus making it a favorite among health-conscious customers.

Frosted Lemonade Smoothie

If you want to cool off with something refreshing, In my opinion, you should go for the Frosted Lemonade Smoothie! It’s bursting with tangy lemon flavor and creamy goodness, perfect for a hot summer day.

Jugo Classico

For a classic taste of Jugo Juice, try the Smoothie Jugo Classico. It is a blend of fresh fruits and refreshing flavors. Must try it for a timeless favorite.

Blue Crush smoothie

Try the Blue Crush smoothie if you’re in the mood for something lively and flavorful! It is a blend of blueberries and other tasty ingredients to satisfy your needs and boost your energy.

Mocha Protein Smoothie

If you do an excessive workout and are looking for a protein boost, look no further than the Mocha Protein Smoothie. I recommend this rich coffee flavor and added protein punch, making it a perfect choice for fueling up before or after a workout.

With these top picks, I hope you’ll stay fresh all day and save time and money accordingly. 

History Of Jugo Juice

Jugo Juice’s journey began in 1998 with the opening of its first store in Calgary, Alberta. In 2011, it was acquired by the Montreal-based MTY Group, which aimed to establish Jugo Juice as the leading smoothie brand in Canada.

A significant milestone came in 2013 when Jugo Juice introduced the Mighty Kale smoothie, becoming the first brand to incorporate vegetables into its smoothies.

Today, Jugo Juice has a national presence, expanding from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. Throughout its expansion, the brand has remained dedicated to blending the purest ingredients with real fruits and vegetables.

Location of Jugo Juice In Canada

Impressed with its distinct menu items and people’s demand from different areas of Canada, Jugo Juice has 67 locations nationwide. The provinces with the highest number of Jugo Juice locations are:

  • Alberta: 22 locations
  • Ontario: 10 locations
  • British Columbia: 18 locations
  • Quebec: 15 locations
  • Saskatchewan: 1 location
  • Manitoba: 1 location

Alternative to Jugo Juice In Canada 

Besides Jugo Juice, there are many other healthier options available. Here are the top ones.

How it delivers

Despite being a popular choice for healthy beverages and snacks, Jugo Juice currently does not offer its customers a dedicated mobile app or website ordering system. 

Instead, Jugo Juice relies on third-party delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, or SkipTheDishes, where customers can conveniently browse the menu and place orders for delivery. 

So you can still enjoy their offerings despite the lack of direct ordering through their platforms.

Opening and Closing Hours of Jugo Juice

Whenever you plan to visit the jugo juice, observe the timing and set a schedule accordingly. 

Opening and Closing Hours of Jugo Juice

FAQs on Jugo Juice Menu in Canada

What is the cheapest drink item on the Jugo Juice menu in Canada?

The cheapest drink item on the Jugo Juice menu is Good Shot for CAN$ 3.15

What is the most expensive drink item on the Jugo Juice menu in Canada?

The most expensive drink item on the Jugo Juice menu is the Morning Blend Protein for CAN$ 12.15

What is the cheapest food item on the Jugo Juice menu in Canada?

The cheapest food item on the Jugo Juice menu is Falafel Wrap for CAN$ 8.65

What is the most expensive food item on the Jugo Juice menu in Canada?

The most expensive food item on the Jugo Juice menu is the Chicken Caramelized Onion Grilled Cheese for CAN$ 11.20

Does Jugo Juice have the same operating hours?

No, Jugo Juice does not have the same operating hours. The operating hours vary depending on the location.

Do Jugo Juice menus and their prices vary by location?

Jugo Juice menus are generally consistent across locations. However, prices may vary slightly by province based on regional differences and taxes.

Does Jugo Juice have vegan options?

Yes, Jugo Juice offers vegan options like a mighty kale smoothie.

Does Jugo Juice use real fruit?

Yes, Jugo Juice uses real fruit in its smoothies. They make smoothies with whole fruit and fresh veggies, ensuring they are healthy and delicious.

Does Jugo Juice offer sugar-free options?

Yes, Jugo Juice offers sugar-free options. They make sugar-free smoothies with dragon fruit, strawberries, no added sugar, frozen yogurt, ginger, and cranberry juice.

Final Thoughts

In short, The Jugo Juice menu offers various fresh and healthy options, catering to diverse dietary preferences. From classic smoothies like Mango Magic and Jugo Classico to protein-packed and immunity-boosting smoothies, there’s something for everyone. 

Additionally, fresh-pressed juices, wraps, grilled cheese sandwiches, and sides like apples and granola bars are available. The beverage selection includes unique offerings like boba teas and sparkling lemonades. 

Overall, Jugo Juice provides a comprehensive menu focusing on natural, nutritious ingredients for those seeking a refreshing and nourishing dining experience.

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