Cora Menu Prices in Canada – Breakfast and Lunch

Cora Menu Prices in Canada

Breakfast and lunch are such dining times that rare restaurants offer them. Most food chains typically have a fixed time with pre-defined menu items. You must try Cora restaurant if you are searching for a place to have breakfast and lunch dishes.

Cora’s major dishes include eggs Benedict, crepes, waffles, soups, salads, sandwiches, and burgers. 

Moreover, its friendly service and calm atmosphere are a top choice for casual family dining. Let me share the latest menu items prices of Cora Restaurant in Canada with in-depth details.

Explore The Cora Menu With Prices In Canada

Rebel Festival

Menu ItemsPrice
Grilled Cheese PizzaCAN$ 12.95
General Tao PoutineCAN$ 20.95
Chicken GyrosCAN$ 16.95

Cora’s Favourite

Menu ItemsPrice
Grilled Cheese PizzaCAN$ 12.95
General Tao PoutineCAN$ 20.95
Chicken GyrosCAN$ 16.95
Louis The UndecidedCAN$ 20.35
Smoked Meat Panini With PotatoesCAN$ 22.35
Banana BlastCAN$ 18.55
10 StarCAN$ 19.25
Sunshine Panini-CrêpeCAN$ 19.25
Gigi Omelette (gluten sensitive option)CAN$ 20.35
Breakfast PoutineCAN$ 17.45
Western-Cheddar CrêpomeletteCAN$ 19.25


Menu ItemsPrice
Smoothies Strawberry-Banana (250 Cals)CAN$ 5.75
Smoothies Mango-Banana (290 Cals)CAN$ 5.75
Smoothies Kale-Banana (290 Cals)CAN$ 5.75
Fruit CocktailCAN$ 5.55
Iced Coffee (60 Cals)CAN$ 4.45
Maple Café Latté (130 Cals)CAN$ 4.45
Iced Mochaccino (150 Cals)CAN$ 5.45
Cora Orange Juice (170 Cals)CAN$ 4.55
Apple-Grape Juice (130 Cals)CAN$ 3.35
Apple Juice (130 Cals)CAN$ 3.35
Milk (120 Cals)CAN$ 3.45
Chocolate Milk (160 Cals)CAN$ 3.45
Hot Chocolate (110 Cals)CAN$ 3.25
Soy Beverage  (120 Cals)CAN$ 3.35
Regular Coffee  (0 Cal)CAN$ 2.95
Tea or Herbal Tea (0 Cal)CAN$ 2.95
CappuccinoCAN$ 3.95
Café LatteCAN$ 4.25
MochaccinoCAN$ 4.25

Sweet’n Salty

Menu ItemsPrice
Gabriel Who’s Crazy For Triple Chocolate PancakesCAN$20.35
Mountain of Bananas on a Waffle (choco-hazelnut custard or salted caramel) for AdamCAN$20.35
Paul wants it allCAN$20.35
Our Breakfast for the Club*CAN$20.35
Strawberry Avalanche for FannieCAN$20.35
Jessica Born in 89 (custard or choco-hazelnut)CAN$20.35
Louis the undecidedCAN$20.35

Eggs Ben et Dictine

Menu ItemsPrice
One Eggs Ben et Dictine – HamCAN$ 17.45
Two Eggs Ben et Dictine – HamCAN$ 19.45
Three eggs Ben et Dictine – HamCAN$ 21.45
One Eggs Ben et Dictine – Spinach, Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms and Goat cheese.CAN$ 17.45
Two Eggs Ben et Dictine – Spinach, Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms and Goat cheese.CAN$ 19.45
Three Eggs Ben et Dictine – Spinach, Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms and Goat cheese.CAN$ 21.45
One Eggs Ben et Dictine – Tomatoes, Bacon and Green Onions.CAN$ 17.45
Two Eggs Ben et Dictine – Tomatoes, Bacon and Green Onions.CAN$ 19.45
Three Eggs Ben et Dictine – Tomatoes, Bacon and Green Onions.CAN$ 21.45
One Eggs Ben et Dictine – Smoked Salmon.CAN$ 19.65
Two Eggs Ben et Dictine – Smoked Salmon.CAN$ 21.65
Three Eggs Ben et Dictine – Smoked Salmon.CAN$24.65

Teens’ Favourites

Menu ItemsPrice
Morning Hot DogsCAN$ 14.95
Breakfast PoutineCAN$ 17.45
Burrito CrêpeCAN$ 19.75
Brunch BurgerCAN$ 19.75
The ClubCAN$ 20.85


Menu ItemsPrice
Spinach and Cheddar CrêpeCAN$ 18.95
April 89 with CustardCAN$ 18.95
April 89 with Cocoa-HazelnutCAN$ 19.95
Banana BlastCAN$ 18.55
Sunshine Panini-CrêpeCAN$ 19.25
Tasty StrawberriesCAN$ 19.55
Crêpes with MeatCAN$ 16.95
Crêpes with Fresh FruitCAN$ 17.95
The boss’ FavoriteCAN$ 20.65


Menu ItemsPrice
Triple Chocolate Pancakes (1470 Cals)CAN$ 18.55
Blueberry Fields (1110 Cals)CAN$ 18.55
Strawberry-Banana Pancakes (1080 Cals)CAN$ 18.55
Pancakes with MeatCAN$ 16.95
Pancakes with Fresh FruitCAN$ 17.95


Menu ItemsPrice
Tuna Melt with PotatoesCAN$ 16.15
Tuna Melt with FruitCAN$ 18.25
Tuna MeltCAN$ 12.95
Smoked Meat Panini with PotatoesCAN$ 22.35
Panini Smoked Meat with Fresh FruitCAN$ 24.65
Bagel and Lox with PotaotoesCAN$ 19.25
Bagel and Lox with Fresh FruitCAN$ 21.35
Bagel and LoxCAN$ 17.15
Grilled-Cheese Nacho with PotatoesCAN$ 18.95
Grilled-Cheese Nacho with Fresh FruitCAN$ 21.15


Menu ItemsPrice
Chorizo and Goat Cheese CrêpomeletteCAN$ 19.25
Spinach and Cheddar CrêpomeletteCAN$ 19.25
Western-Cheddar CrêpomeletteCAN$ 19.25

Savoury Omelettes

Menu ItemsPrice
Western OmeletteCAN$ 18.75
10 star OmeletteCAN$ 18.95
Smoked Salmon OmeletteCAN$ 20.85
Spinach and Cheddar OmeletteCAN$ 17.65
Theo’s OmeletteCAN$ 18.75
Tomatoes, Bacon and Goat Cheese OmeletteCAN$ 18.55
Gigi Omelette (gluten sensitive option)CAN$ 20.35


Menu ItemsPrice
10-star SkilletCAN$ 19.25
Beyond Meat SkilletCAN$ 19.25
Smoked Meat SkilletCAN$ 21.25
Halloumi-Chorizo SkilletCAN$ 19.25
Burger in a SkilletCAN$ 19.25


Menu ItemsPrice
Jo ConstructionCAN$ 19.25
Rosemary’s SundayCAN$ 20.35
Gargantuan BreakfastCAN$ 21.15
Cora’s SpecialCAN$ 19.25
1 Egg, Choice of Accompaniment and PotatoesCAN$ 12.95
2 Eggs, Choice of Accompaniment and PotatoesCAN$ 13.45
3 Eggs, Choice of Accompaniment and PotatoesCAN$ 13.95
1 Egg with FruitCAN$ 14.95
2 Eggs with FruitCAN$ 15.45
3 Eggs with FruitCAN$ 15.95

French Toast

Menu ItemsPrice
SurpriseCAN$ 19.55
1990’s HarvestCAN$ 19.55
Brioche for EliseCAN$ 19.55
Strawberry AvalancheCAN$ 19.55
French Toast with MeatCAN$ 15.95
French Toast with Fresh FruitCAN$ 16.95


Menu ItemsPrice
Waffle with BananasCAN$ 17.45
Waffle with Fresh FruitCAN$ 18.55
Waffle with StrawberriesCAN$ 19.25

Fresh Fruit

Menu ItemsPrice
Large Bowl of Fresh Fruit with ToastCAN$ 12.95
Peggy’s PoachedCAN$ 17.95
Bowl Of Fresh FruitCAN$ 6.45

Kids Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
One Egg served with Bacon, potatoes, Toast and a Blueberry or Chocolate Chip PancakeCAN$9.15
Two Eggs served with Bacon, Potatoes, Toast and a Blueberry or Chocolate Chip PancakeCAN$9.65
Banana-Choco Crêpe (580 Cals)CAN$ 8.15
Nicky’s PaniniCAN$ 9.15
Fruits Waffle (340 Cals)CAN$8.45
Grilled Cheese (630 Cals)CAN$ 8.15
Strawberry Crêpe (500 Cals)CAN$8.45
Pancakes with Fruits (570 Cals)CAN$8.45
One Egg choice of Accompaniment, Toast and PotatoesCAN$ 8.15
Two Eggs choice of Accompaniment, Toast and PotatoesCAN$8.65
French Toast with Fresh Fruit (270 Cals)CAN$8.45
Blueberry or Chocolate Pancakes with Fresh Fruit (600 Cals)CAN$8.45
Fruit CrepeCAN$8.45

A Little Extra!

Menu ItemsPrice
Pure Maple Syrup (70 Cals)CAN$ 0.75
BaconCAN$ 3.95
BolognaCAN$ 3.95
CretonsCAN$ 3.95
Baked BeansCAN$ 3.95
HamCAN$ 3.95
SausageCAN$ 3.95
Turkey SausageCAN$ 3.95
Smoked SausageCAN$ 3.95
Hollandaise Sauce (330 Cals)CAN$ 3.55
Potatoes (280 Cals)CAN$ 3.45
Cora-style Poutine (550 Cals)CAN$ 5.25
Cocoa-Hazelnut Custard (380 Cals)CAN$ 3.35
English Cream Cora-style (140 Cals)CAN$ 3.55
Salted Caramel (440 Cals)CAN$ 3.45
Custard (170 Cals)CAN$ 3.35
Cocoa-Hazelnut Spread (790 Cals)CAN$ 3.45
Ramekin of Fruit (80 Cals)CAN$ 3.45
Cheddar CheeseCAN$ 4.25
Swiss CheeseCAN$ 3.75
Cottage CheeseCAN$ 3.35
Cream CheeseCAN$ 1.45
ToastCAN$ 3.65

History of Cora in Canada

Cora DeFalco laid the foundation of restaurant in 1987 in Montreal. Her inventive breakfast dishes quickly became famous and liked by large crowds. 

By 1992, Cora and her children operated nine successful locations in Quebec. In 1994, DeFalco decided to franchise the concept, leading to rapid expansion across Canada. The chain opened its 100th location in 2009.

Cora’s son, Nicholas Tsouflidis, took over operations in 2008, helping grow the brand further with innovations like take-out service and food delivery.

Today, it is known as a breakfast and lunch serving chain over 120 locations in Canada after 30+ years.

Nutritional Information About Cora Menus Items

The beauty of Cora Restaurants is that they give you all the details about what’s in their food items. You have full information about how many calories, protein, carbs, and other things are in each dish. They have the following quantities for various diet needs:

For Athletes

Athletes always find that food fulfills the demand for high energy. I would like to see if Cora can offer them the following dishes.

Menu ItemCaloriesDescription
Festin Gargantua1560High protein and complex carbs provide energy and support muscle growth
Triple Chocolate Pancakes1470Carbs fuel activity while protein aids muscle recovery
Smoked Meat Panini1040High protein helps build and repair muscles

For Vegetarians

Cora has not limited its food for specific individuals but also for those who are vegetarians and skip meat in their diet. Cora’s meatless options still contain protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Menu ItemCaloriesDescription
Tofu Benedict with 2 Eggs1320Tofu and eggs provide non-meat protein sources
Réveil Samira Bowl440Eggs, cheese, and veggies give protein without meat
10 Étages Skillet (no meat)950Eggs, cheese and veggies give protein without meat

For Dieters

For those who are careful in their diet and trying to watch calories, Cora has lighter options that satisfy without packing on the calories.

Menu ItemCaloriesDescription
1 Egg Breakfast with Fruit270Fruit adds fiber and vitamins without many calories
Spinach & Cheddar Egg White Omelette640Egg whites and veggies provide protein with less fat and calories
Plain Crêpe with Fruit950Crêpe without meat or sugary toppings makes a lighter dish

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Branches of Cora Restaurants

Due to its delicious breakfast and tasty lunch, people across Canada demanded expanding branches in various locations. These are the provinces with the highest number of Cora locations are:

  • Quebec – 35+ locations
  • Ontario – 35+ locations  
  • Alberta – 18+ locations
  • British Columbia – 12+ locations
  • Nova Scotia – 5+ locations
  • New Brunswick – 5+ locations
  • Saskatchewan – 2+ locations
  • Manitoba – 2+ locations
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 1+ locations

Opening & Closing Times for Cora

Dine-In and Takeout Hours

  • Monday: 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Thursday: 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Friday: 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Delivery Hours

  • Monday: 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Thursday: 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Friday: 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Most Popular Items of Cora Restaurants

The popularity of any food item mainly depends on the number of orders people place and the reasonable price. Considering these factors, I have compiled a list of Cora restaurant’s most famous menu items, which is given below.

Most Popular Menu Items of Cora

Fruit Cocktail

Cora’s Fruit Cocktail is a refreshing dish combining various fresh fruits, perfectly ripe and bursting with flavor. In my opinion, the Fruit Cocktail will surely please whether you’re craving something light and healthy or a sweet treat.

10 Star Skillet

This is an iconic dish at Cora Restaurants. 10 star skillet is filled with eggs, potatoes, cheese, and tasty toppings, a breakfast lover’s dream!

Tasty Strawberries

For those who like strawberries, I would recommend to try out Cora’s Tasty Strawberries as they serve them with plump, juicy berries that are perfectly ripe and topped with decadent cream. Enjoy them as a side dish or dessert they satisfy your cravings.

Gabriel Who’s Crazy For Triple Chocolate Pancakes

For chocolate lovers, the Gabriel Who’s Crazy For Triple Chocolate Pancakes at Cora Restaurants is a must-try. These pancakes are famous and rich chocolate batter loaded with chocolate chips and drizzled with chocolate sauce. 

From best service to quality ingredients, Cora Restaurants has become a beloved destination for breakfast and brunch fans. So, try it the next time you’re craving a delicious morning meal.

Delivery Process for Cora Restaurants in Canada

Cora has partnered with popular third-party apps like SkipTheDishes and Uber Eats for delivery. Customers can also order directly through Cora’s website or mobile app.

Cora’s user-friendly online and mobile ordering platform ensures a seamless experience for customers craving their signature breakfast and brunch offerings. Delivery times typically range from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the distance from the restaurant and the order size.

Cora Restaurant’s Mobile App 

Cora’s mobile app is also available for iOS and Android devices. It provides an easy way to order, customize, and save delivery preferences.

Exclusive offers and discounts are a prime feature available only to app users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest food item on Cora’s menu in Canada?

The cheapest food item on Cora’s menu is Custard for CAN$ 3.35

What is the most expensive food item on Cora’s menu in Canada?

The most expensive food item on Cora’s menu is the Smoked Meat Panini With Potatoes for CAN$ 22.35

What is the cheapest drink item on Cora’s menu in Canada?

The cheapest drink item on Cora’s menu is Regular Coffee for CAN$ 2.95

What is the most expensive drink item on Cora’s menu in Canada?

The most expensive drink item on Cora’s menu is the Smoothies for CAN$ 5.75

Does Cora have a rewards program or loyalty card?

Many restaurants offer loyalty programs to reward frequent customers, so people might inquire about any rewards or perks available at Cora.

Do Cora Restaurants offer takeout and delivery services?

Yes, Cora Restaurants typically offer takeout and delivery services at most locations. Customers can usually place orders for pickup through the Cora Restaurants website, and delivery options may vary depending on the location and available third-party delivery services.

Do Cora Restaurants have the same operating hours?

No, Cora Restaurants do not have uniform operating hours. The hours of operation vary depending on the specific location. Customers should check with their local Cora Restaurant for their hours.

Do Cora Restaurants’ menu and prices vary by location?

While Cora Restaurants strives for consistency in its menu and prices across locations, slight variations may occur due to regional differences and taxes. Customers should check with their local restaurant for precise menu items and pricing.

Concluding Remarks

In short, Cora restaurants provide a unique dining experience by offering breakfast and lunch items throughout the day. Their menu features a variety of dishes like eggs Benedict, crepes, waffles, soups, salads, sandwiches, and burgers. Customers appreciate the friendly service and relaxed atmosphere, making Cora a popular choice for casual family dining. 

By understanding the menu prices, you can plan your visit and enjoy a satisfying meal at a reasonable cost. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast or a light lunch, Cora offers a diverse selection to cater to different tastes and preferences.

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