Church’s Chicken Menu Prices in Canada

Church's Chicken Menu Prices in Canada

Church’s Chicken is famous for its bone-in and boneless fried chicken meals. It adds a unique touch of signature sides and buttermilk biscuits to make it juicy and flavorful.

With a humble opening in Texas, Church’s aims to provide authentic southern-inspired flavors and hospitality now, it has expanded to 73+ locations across Canada.

Here I’m going to share all its menu items along with prices.

Detailed list of Church’s Chicken Menu With Prices In Canada

Featured Items

Menu ItemPrice
Tex Supreme Sandwich ComboCAN$ 18.10
Jalapeno BombersCAN$ 3.79
GravyCAN$ 3.79
4 Piece Original Chicken ComboCAN$ 18.49
FriesCAN$ 3.79
8 Piece Original ChickenCAN$ 29.99
3 Piece Original Chicken ComboCAN$ 16.99
Mexicana Sandwich ComboCAN$ 15.99
3 Piece Honey-Butter BiscuitsCAN$ 4.69
PoutineCAN$ 7.99
Meal DealCAN$ 28.95

Bone-In Chicken

Menu ItemPrice
2 Piece Original Chicken (320-820 Cals)CAN$ 10.99
2 Piece Original Chicken Combo (680 – 2790 Cals)CAN$ 14.99
3 Piece Original Chicken (490-1330 Cals)CAN$ 12.99
3 Piece Original Chicken Combo (850- 3310 Cals)CAN$ 16.99
4 Piece Original Chicken (660-1740 Cals)CAN$ 14.99
4 Piece Original Chicken Combo (1020- 3720 Cals)CAN$ 18.49
5 Piece Wings Combo (890 – 2720 Cals)CAN$ 16.20
8 Piece Boneless Megabites (400 Cals)CAN$ 12.99
8 Piece Boneless Megabites ComboCAN$ 15.99
1 Piece WingCAN$ 5.60
1 Piece LegCAN$ 5.00
1 Piece ThighCAN$ 6.30
1 Piece BreastCAN$ 6.30

Family Meals

Menu ItemPrice
8 Piece Family Meal (1800 – 3050 Cals)CAN$ 36.99
12 Piece Family Meal (1026 – 1447 Cals)CAN$ 51.49
16 Piece Family Meal (1055 – 1486 Cals)CAN$ 64.99
8 Piece Original Chicken (941 – 1429 Cals)CAN$ 29.99
12 Piece Original Chicken (3010 – 4090 Cals)CAN$ 42.99
16 Piece Original Chicken (4180 – 5290 Cals)CAN$ 56.19
20 Piece Original ChickenCAN$ 79.99
24 Piece Original ChickenCAN$ 94.99

Boneless Chicken

Menu ItemPriceCalories
5 Piece Tenders ComboCAN$ 18.491180 – 2940  Cals
5 Piece TendersCAN$ 14.99700 – 750  Cals
3 Piece Tenders ComboCAN$ 14.99840 – 2550  Cals
3 Piece TendersCAN$ 10.69420 – 450  Cals

Sandwiches and Wraps

Menu ItemPrice
Tex Supreme Sandwich (740 Cals)CAN$ 12.49
Tex Supreme Sandwich Combo (830-1870 cals)CAN$ 15.99
BBQ Sandwich (590 Cals)CAN$ 12.49
BBQ Chicken Sandwich Combo (680-1720 cals)CAN$ 15.99
Mexicana Sandwich (789 Cals)CAN$ 12.49
Mexicana Sandwich Combo (860-1910 cals)CAN$ 15.99
Classic Chicken Sandwich (600 Cals)CAN$ 12.49
Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo (690-1730 cals)CAN$ 15.99
Tex Wrap (760 Cals)CAN$ 12.49
Tex Wrap Combo  (850-1890 cals)CAN$ 15.99
Tender Wrap (370 Cals)CAN$ 7.49
Tender Wrap Combo (460-1500 Cals)CAN$ 11.99
Mexicana Wrap (810 Cals)CAN$ 12.49
Mexicana Wrap Combo (900-1940 cals)CAN$ 15.99
Crunchy Onion Sandwich ComboCAN$ 15.99
Crunchy Jalapeño ComboCAN$ 15.99


Menu ItemPrice
Honey-Butter Biscuits (840-3360 cals)
1 Piece Honey-Butter Biscuits
3 Piece Honey-Butter Biscuits
6 Piece Honey-Butter Biscuits
12 Piece Honey-Butter Biscuits

CAN$ 1.39
CAN$ 4.69
CAN$ 7.49
CAN$ 12.29
Mashed Potatoes (80-270 cals)CAN$ 3.79
Coleslaw (200-550 cals)CAN$ 3.79
JalapenosCAN$ 0.90
Wild West RiceCAN$ 3.79
Jalapeno Bombers (340-1020 cals)CAN$ 3.79
Gravy 80-270 calsCAN$ 3.79
Fries (420-1270 cals)CAN$ 3.79
Poutine (900 cals)CAN$ 7.99
Potato SaladCAN$ 3.79
Macaroni SaladCAN$ 3.79
Mac and Cheese BitesCAN$ 5.19
Churro BitesCAN$ 5.39
Onion RingsCAN$ 3.79


Menu ItemPriceCalories
Coca Cola (500mL Bottle)CAN$ 3.29290-900 Cals
Coca Cola Zero (500mL Bottle)CAN$ 3.292 Cals
Barq’s Root Beer (500mL Bottle)CAN$ 3.29290-900 Cals
Nestea (500mL Bottle)CAN$ 3.29290-900 Cals
Sprite (500mL Bottle)CAN$ 3.29290-900 Cals
Fanta (500mL Bottle)CAN$ 3.29290-900 Cals
Canada Dry (500mL Bottle)CAN$ 3.29780 Cals
Diet Coca Cola (500mL Bottle)CAN$ 3.292 Cals
Dasani (500mL Bottle)CAN$ 3.290 Cal
Orange JuiceCAN$ 3.29170 Cals
Apple JuiceCAN$ 3.29170 Cals


Menu ItemPriceCalories
Apple PieCAN$ 2.29270 Cals


Menu ItemPrice
Sweet n Sour SauceCAN$ 0.50
Honey Mustard SauceCAN$ 0.50
Honey Dill SauceCAN$ 0.50
BBQ SauceCAN$ 0.50
Plum SauceCAN$ 0.50
Ranch SauceCAN$ 0.50

History Of Church’s Chicken Canada

George W. Church laid the foundation stone of Church’s Chicken in 1952 in San Antonio, Texas. In the Canadian market, the restaurant came in 1979 at different locations in the Vancouver area of British Columbia.

Due to the high demand for signature hand-breaded fried chicken meals and scratch-made sides, the Church continued to grow its presence across Canada over the next decades. Church’s Chicken has spread enough to serve the Texan flavour and tasty southern-style fried chicken.

Branches of Church’s Chicken in Canada

As people get familiarized with the taste and quality of Church’s chicken, its demand has increased. By observing the rush of masses and management issues at the single or few locations of the restaurant, the owner of the restaurant gradually opened new locations of Church’s Chicken across Canada.

So far, the restaurant has reached over 73 locations across the country due to its famous hand-battered fried chicken from coast to coast in Canada. However, the provinces with the most Church’s restaurants are:

  • Ontario – 45+ locations
  • British Columbia – 20+ locations
  • Alberta – 5+ locations
  • Saskatchewan – 2 location

Nutrition Information and Dietary Options

Church’s Chicken is important because it informs its customers with nutritional information on what they buy and eat at their restaurant. The benefit of telling nutritional content makes it easy for those who need a specific diet according to their health and choice.

For Athletes

If we take the needs of athletes, they require a maximum quantity of protein to build muscle.  The Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo provides 690-1730 calories and 42g protein. The 5 Pc Tender Combo gives 1180-2940 calories and 48g protein, an excellent protein source. The 8 Pcs Mega Bites Combo offers 800-2530 calories and 52g protein and is great for snacking before or after a workout.

For Vegetarians 

Those who prefer vegetables can choose options like the Crispy battered Onion Rings, which provide 340-1030 calories for a tasty plant-based snack. Interestingly, Church’s fries cooked in 100% vegetable oil offer 420-1270 calories and can be ordered plain or seasoned. 

For Dieters 

In my observation, most people who are diet-conscious don’t go to restaurants due to a close look at calorie intake. For them, church’ chicken offers lighter menu items.

The 3 Pc Tender Combo provides 840-2550 calories in a smaller portion. The Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo has 690-1730 calories. Also, 5 pc Wings offer fried chicken flavor in a portion-controlled way with 890-2720 calories.

Most Popular Food Items at Church’s Chicken Canada

If you are newly introduced to Church’s Chicken menus and want to try just its most popular items, acknowledge what taste they provide. I have listed some of its most popular food items based on the frequency of orders and delicious taste. Let’s discover.

Most Popular Menu Items at Church's Chicken canada

Mexicana Wrap

In my opinion, Mexicana wrap is its top of list tasty menu item at Church’s Chicken. It’s filled with seasoned chicken, cheese, tomatoes, and avocado mayo. Whenever you make up your mind to visit Church’s restaurant, do try it.

Tex Supreme Sandwich 

I would recommend you as this sandwich is big enough to fill your stomach at a reasonable price. It’s a tasty meal with juicy chicken, crunchy bacon, cheese, and creamy ranch dressing, all on a toasted bun. It has a great blend of flavors that’ll fill you up!


The french fries of Church’s Chicken are good appetizers. When they serve you, these crispy fries are covered in a tasty, sweet, and tangy barbecue sauce that’s sure to satisfy your cravings.

Apple Pie

Apart from salty options at Church’s Chicken, don’t miss out on their finger-licking apple pie! This delicious cinnamon flavor dessert is the perfect ending to any meal!

Generally, every menu item at Church’s Chicken Canada is famous, but some are extra popular. Whatever you pick there, you’re in for a treat with their tasty and authentic fried chicken!

How the Delivery Process of Church’s Chicken Works

Church’s Chicken delivers orders to busy and hungry customers at their exact location. For this purpose, partners like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and SkipTheDishes are the most common delivery chains.

The process to order is simple: open the delivery service’s app or website, enter your address, and browse the full Church’s menu. Add items to your cart, checkout, and track your driver en route. Delivery fees are generally $3-5 depending on distance from the restaurant. 

Also, see other restaurants in Canada.

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Opening and Closing Hours of Church’s Chicken

The opening and closing hours of church Texas Chicken vary depending on the location. But as in Canada, it operates on the timing schedule. 

Opening and Closing Hours of Church's Chicken

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Church’s Chicken have any deals or discounts in Canada?

Church’s Chicken offers in-app deals and promotions like 20% off an order or $5 off a Family Meal. New app users get a free Dessert Cake. Joining the eClub gets exclusive discounts emailed weekly.

Is Church’s Chicken gluten-free friendly?

While they don’t have designated gluten-free items, you can request gluten-free substitutions like swapping biscuits for cornbread or opting for fried chicken without breading. Just inform staff of any food allergies.

Is Church’s Chicken Canadian?

No, Church’s Chicken is not a Canadian-based company. It is an American fast-food chain with a presence in various countries.

Is Church’s chicken in Canada halal?

Church’s Chicken in Canada may offer halal options at select locations, but it varies by location, so it’s advisable to inquire at the specific restaurant.

What oil does Church’s chicken use?

Church’s chicken typically uses a blend of vegetable oils for frying its chicken, but the specific blend and brand may vary by location.

What’s the difference between Church’s Chicken and Church’s Texas Chicken?

“Church’s Chicken” and “Church’s Texas Chicken” refer to the same restaurant chain. “Texas” in the name is often a reference to their Southern-style fried chicken.

What is the cheapest item on Church’s Chicken’s menu in Canada?

The cheapest item on Church’s Chicken menu is 1 Honey-Butter Biscuit for CAN$ CAN$ 1.39

What is the most expensive item on Church’s Chicken’s menu in Canada?

The most expensive item on Church’s Chicken menu is the 24-piece Original Chicken for CAN$ 94.99.

Does Church’s Chicken have the same operating hours?

No, Church’s Chicken does not have the same operating hours. The operating hours vary depending on the location.

What ordering options are available at Church’s Chicken in Canada?

Customers at Church’s Chicken in Canada can choose from pickup, dine-in, or delivery options. These options may vary depending on the location. Some locations offer only one ordering option, while others offer two or all three.

Are the menu items and prices consistent across all locations of Church’s Chicken?

Menu items and their prices at Church’s Chicken are inconsistent, varying from location to location.

Wrapping It Up

In short, Church’s Chicken has successfully brought its authentic southern-inspired flavors to Canada, offering a delightful menu of bone-in and boneless fried chicken meals. With its commitment to quality, signature sides, and buttermilk biscuits, Church’s has expanded throughout Canada.

Its menu prices reflect the value and taste that customers have come to expect from this beloved fast-food chain. Comments box is open for your quality opinions.

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