Chuck’s Roadhouse Menu Prices Canada

Chuck's Roadhouse Menu Prices Canada

If you want to taste the dedicated flavor of steak and grill, I would recommend Chuck’s Roadhouse Bar and Grill. It is a popular dining destination in Canada, famous for its delicious steaks, burgers, and more. 

It offers its customers a cozy atmosphere. Among the restaurant’s hundreds of dishes, AAA steaks, lobster tails, and prime rib burgers keep the customers coming back for more.

Here I will share all of its menu items along with latest prices in details.

Chuck’s Roadhouse Menu With Prices In Canada

Let’s dive deep in.


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Just Wings 8 pcsCAN$ 13.99890 Cals
Just Wings 16 PcsCAN$ 24.991790 Cals
Boneless Wings 10 PCSCAN$ 13.99890 Cals
Boneless Wings 20 PCSCAN$ 24.99890 Cals
FriesCAN$ 4.99370 Cals
Buffalo Chicken QuesadillaCAN$ 13.99930 Cals
Chuck’s NachosCAN$ 15.991090 Cals
Garlic Cheese Pan BreadCAN$ 9.98870 Cals
Garlic Pan BreadCAN$ 6.99690 Cals
Mozzarella SticksCAN$ 9.99810 Cals
Wings, Rings & FingsCAN$ 19.991450 Cals
Spinach & Goat Cheese DipCAN$ 13.99790 Cals
Loaded Cheese FriesCAN$ 11.991220 Cals
Steak BitesCAN$ 15.99920 Cals
Shrimp TempuraCAN$ 13.99370 Cals
CalamariCAN$ 13.99420 Cals
Fried PicklesCAN$ 11.99420 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Strawberry Pecan SaladCAN$ 12.99500 Cals
Caesar SaladCAN$ 7.99370 Cals
Chuck’s Size Caesar SaladCAN$ 11.99790 Cals
Featured SoupCAN$ 4.99120-400 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Chuck’s BurgerCAN$ 9.00690 Cals
CheeseburgerCAN$ 11.99810 Cals
Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 13.99840 Cals
Smokehouse BurgerCAN$ 14.991200 Cals
The Big ChuckCAN$ 19.991320 Cals
Veggie BurgerCAN$ 13.99650 Cals
Buffalo Chicken SandwichCAN$ 13.99670 Cals
Cajun Chicken SandwichCAN$ 14.99800 Cals
Chuck’s Philly CheeseCAN$ 14.99610 Cals
Montreal Smoked MeatCAN$ 14.99690 Cals
Grilled Chicken ClubCAN$ 13.99620 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Filet Mignon (7 oz)CAN$ 24.99500 Cals
Top Sirloin Steak (7 oz)CAN$ 15.00470 Cals
New York (10 oz)CAN$ 20.99680 Cals
Peppercorn New York (10 oz)CAN$ 22.99810 Cals
Bone-In New York (12 oz)CAN$ 20.99770 Cals
Rib Eye Steak (12 oz)CAN$ 24.991050 Cals
T-Bone (14 oz)CAN$ 23.99880 Cals
Porterhouse (20 oz)CAN$ 29.991250 Cals
Top Sirloin & Lobster Tail (7 oz)CAN$ 25.00960 Cals
Filet Mignon & Lobster Tail (7 oz)CAN$ 35.99840 Cals
Lobster TailCAN$ 15.00300 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Half Rack BBQ Back RibsCAN$ 15.99990 Cals
Full Rack BBQ Back RibsCAN$ 21.991440 Cals
Half BBQ ChickenCAN$ 16.99730 Cals
Quarter BBQ Chicken LegCAN$ 12.49570 Cals
Quarter BBQ Chicken BreastCAN$ 14.49570 Cals
Double BBQ Chicken LegCAN$ 14.99770 Cals
Chicken & Rib Combo (Leg)CAN$ 19.99830 Cals
Chicken & Rib Combo (Breast)CAN$ 21.49830 Cals
Ribs & Wings ComboCAN$ 19.991680 Cals
Chicken FingersCAN$ 13.99950 Cals
Buffalo Chicken FingersCAN$ 14.991290 Cals
Baked Chicken Parmesan PastaCAN$ 15.991350 Cals
Fish & Chips 1PCCAN$ 13.99720 Cals
Fish & Chips 2PCCAN$ 18.991170 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Kids – HamburgerCAN$ 6.49480 Cals
Kids – CheeseburgerCAN$ 6.49540 Cals
Kids – Grilled CheeseCAN$ 6.49380 Cals
Kids – Chicken FingersCAN$ 6.49300 Cals
Kids – Butter Parm PastaCAN$ 6.49480 Cals
Kids – Marinara PastaCAN$ 6.49480 Cals


Menu ItemsPrice
BBQ Chicken Leg Family PackCAN$ 29.99
6-Pack of Coors LightCAN$ 18.00
6-Pack of BudweiserCAN$ 14.99


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Klondike CrumbleCAN$ 6.99840 Cals
Butter Toffee Bread PuddingCAN$ 6.99760 Cals
OMG Carrot CakeCAN$ 6.99550 Cals
BuckarooCAN$ 8.991000 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Bottled WaterCAN$ 2.790 Cal
CokeCAN$ 1.99139 Cals
Diet CokeCAN$ 1.990 Cal
Ginger AleCAN$ 1.99130 Cals
Iced TeaCAN$ 1.99110 Cals
Orange JuiceCAN$ 3,29160 Cals
Apple JuiceCAN$ 3.29160 Cals
Hot CoffeeCAN$ 2.990 Cal
TeaCAN$ 2.990 Cal
PerrierCAN$ 3.29O Cal


Menu ItemsPrice
BudweiserCAN$ 4.00
Bud LightCAN$ 4.00
CanadianCAN$ 3.00
Coors LightCAN$ 3.00
HeinekenCAN$ 6.00
MGDCAN$ 5.00
VIZZY Blueberry PomegranateCAN$ 5.99
VIZZY Pineapple MangoCAN$ 5.99
Bottle Joel Gott Cabernet SauvignonCAN$ 39.99
Bottle No.99 Gretzky Cabernet MerlotCAN$ 29.99
Bottle No.99 Gretzky Pinot GrigioCAN$ 29.99
Bottle Peller Estates ChardonnayCAN$ 31.99
Bottle Peller Family Vineyards RoseCAN$ 29.99
Bottle Santa Margherita Pinot GrigioCAN$ 32.99
Bottle Yellow Tail ShirazCAN$ 29.99

History of Chuck’s Roadhouse 

This bar and grill restaurant started working in 2015 by Obsidian Group Inc. It also owns popular casual dining spots like Crabby Joe’s Bar & Grill. The headquarters of Chuck’s is in Mississauga, Ontario. 

Due to its deliciousness, the company expanded rapidly across Ontario in its early years. By 2019, more than 40 Chuck’s Roadhouse locations were serving millions of burgers, steaks, and pounds of wings. After that, Chuck’s entered the Manitoba market in 2024.

Opening and Closing Hours

The operational time of the restaurant is Suitable for everyone. But remember it may vary from location to location. 

  • Monday: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
  • Tuesday: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
  • Wednesday: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
  • Thursday: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
  • Friday: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.
  • Saturday: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.
  • Sunday: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Also Visit Other Restaurants in Canada

Canada is not limited to Chuck’s Roadhouse but it also has a vast network of other food chains. Each spot has something different to satisfy the craving of customers. I have collected some other restaurants to try 

Most Popular Items of Chuck’s Roadhouse in Canada 

If you’re visiting Chuck’s Roadhouse for the first time and cannot decide what to order. Don’t worry, I have picked some of their most famous menu items to satisfy your cravings. They are tasty plus affordable.

Most Popular Items of Chuck's Roadhouse in Canada 

Montreal Smoked Meat

Chuck’s Montreal Smoked Meat is a savory dish packed with tender smoked meat, served up just the way you like it. It’s a favorite among regulars for its delicious taste and generous portions.

Smokehouse Burger

If you’re craving a burger but with a different taste, I would recommend you to try Chuck’s Smokehouse Burger. It’s packed with juicy beef, smoky flavors, and all the toppings you love. Once you take a bite, you’ll keep coming back for more!

Top Sirloin & Lobster Tail

Top Sirloin & Lobster Tail is a special meal to try at Chuck’s. It is a juicy sirloin steak paired with a succulent lobster tail, it’s like a dream come true for seafood and steak lovers!

BBQ Back Ribs

Chuck’s BBQ Back Ribs are the ultimate finger-licking experience. In my opinion, when you bite into these tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs smothered in tangy barbecue sauce, you’ll be in for a treat that’ll have you licking your plate clean!.

Fish & Chips

Chuck’s fish and chips are the most demanding food items. You’ll get crispy battered fish with golden fries by ordering the dish. I recommend adding a squeeze of lemon and a dollop of tartar sauce for the perfect finishing touch.

So whether you’re a regular at Chuck’s or looking to try something new, these popular items are sure to hit the spot. 

Delivery Process

Chuck’s Roadhouse offers delivery in two ways. Typically it relies on established third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, and DoorDash for their delivery needs. 

Chuck’s Roadhouse also allows customers to place orders online through their website for pickup. Some locations might also accept phone-in orders directly for pickup.

Nutritional Information

Though the majority of food lovers prefer taste over other factors. There is also a section of people in society who are conscious not only of taste but also want to know which nutrients are present in the food items they are eating. 

Seeing this, Chuck’s Roadhouse menu offers plenty of options for various diets. Whether you’re an athlete in need of a protein-packed meal, a vegetarian craving delicious plant-based choices, or someone watching calories, there are every options to suit your dietary needs.

Target GroupMenu ItemCaloriesImpact
For AthleteAAA Top Sirloin Steak (7 oz.) & Lobster Tail770 calories, 29.4g carbsProvides 71 grams of protein for muscle recovery and growth.
For VegetarianVeggie Burger650 calories, 78g carbsHearty plant-based option with 30.6 grams of protein and a blend of vitamins and minerals.
For DieterStrawberry Pecan Salad500 CalsRefreshing and nutritious choice loaded with vitamins and fiber.
For DietersGrilled Chicken Club Sandwich 750 calories, 69g carbsproviding 30g lean protein, fiber for fullness, and vitamin C.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many locations does Chuck’s Roadhouse have in Canada?

Chuck’s Roadhouse has over 60 locations across Canada, with a significant presence in Ontario province.

What is the cheapest food item on Chuck’s Roadhouse menu in Canada?

The cheapest food item on Chuck’s Roadhouse menu is fries for CAN$  4.99

What is the most expensive food item on Chuck’s Roadhouse menu in Canada?

The most expensive food item on Chuck’s Roadhouse menu is the Filet Mignon & Lobster Tail (7 oz) for CAN$  35.99

Why is Chuck’s Roadhouse so cheap?

Chuck’s Roadhouse keeps their prices low by charging a small 3% fee on each order, called the “honest to goodness fee.”

Do Chuck’s Roadhouse restaurants offer takeout and delivery services?

Yes, Chuck’s Roadhouse restaurants offer takeout and delivery services at most of its locations. Guests can place orders for pickup through Chuck’s Roadhouse restaurant website. Delivery options may vary depending on the location and third-party delivery services available in the area.

Do Chuck’s Roadhouse restaurant’s menus and prices vary by location?

Chuck’s Roadhouse menus are generally consistent across locations. However, prices may vary slightly by province based on regional differences and taxes.

Concluding Remarks of Chuck’s Roadhouse

Chuck’s Roadhouse is a famous restaurant in Canada. People love going there for the tasty steaks and burgers cooked on the grill. The restaurant has a cozy and friendly feeling. Even though the menu has many dishes, the steaks, lobster tails, and prime rib burgers are the most popular items that keep people coming back.

I would suggest you to look at the menu prices and choose accordingly before visiting. Chuck’s is well-liked for its great grilled food and welcoming atmosphere.

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