Cactus Club Cafe Menu Prices In Canada

Cactus Club Cafe Menu Prices in Canada

Let me introduce you to a Canadian restaurant famous for its contemporary atmosphere and diverse menus of global cuisines. Its name is Cactus Club Cafe. 

You can start your meal by sharing appetizers and snacks. Then, you can pick a main dish like burgers, sandwiches, steaks, or seafood. The ingredients are from local farms and markets, so they are very fresh. Let’s examine their menu items along with prices in detail. 

Detailed Cactus Club Cafe Menu With Prices In Canada

Start + Share

Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Avocado DipCAN$ 14.25390 Cals
BurrataCAN$ 28.25300-400 Cals
Tuna Stack NewCAN$ 22.75500-700 Cals
Crab CakeCAN$ 21.00540 Cals
Hot Chicken + PicklesCAN$ 18.00790 Cals
Mini Crispy Chicken SandwichesCAN$ 17.75930 Cals
Mini BurgersCAN$ 17.75980 Cals
Chicken WingsCAN$ 19.50860 Cals
Szechuan Chicken Lettuce WrapsCAN$ 23.251320 Cals
Szechuan Tofu Lettuce WrapsCAN$ 23.251160 Cals
Truffle FriesCAN$ 12.75670 Cals
Potato SkinsCAN$ 16.501050 Cals
Crispy Yam FriesCAN$ 12.25840 Cals
Ravioli + Prawn TrioCAN$ 18.75560 Cals
EdamameCAN$ 12.50280 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
The Med BowlCAN$ 20.00870 Cals
Crispy Tofu BowlCAN$ 24.00900 Cals
Tuna Poke BowlCAN$ 25.75880 Cals
Teriyaki Chicken Rice BowlCAN$ 23.001070 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Lemongrass Noodle SaladCAN$ 23.75670 Cals
Raincoast GreensCAN$ 22.50490 Cals
Avocado Kale SaladCAN$ 18.25450 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Thai Green Chicken CurryCAN$ 24.75850 Cals
Thai Green Prawn CurryCAN$ 26.75740 Cals
Spaghetti PortofinoCAN$ 26.751060 Cals
Rigatoni BologneseCAN$ 24.75980 Cals
Truffle Parmesan ChickenCAN$ 31.001400 Cals
Butternut Squash Ravioli with PrawnsCAN$ 31.75920 Cals
Blackened Creole ChickenCAN$ 29.75800 Cals
Grilled Dijon SalmonCAN$ 31.75720 Cals
Grilled SalmonCAN$ 31.75710 Cals
FajitasCAN$ 24.751480 Cals
Crab Cake FritesCAN$ 36.251660 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Steak + Mushrooms (8oz CAB® Sirloin)CAN$ 40.25330 Cals
Steak + Mushrooms (12oz CAB® New York Striploin)CAN$ 53.25540 Cals
Steak+LobsterNew (12oz CAB® New York Striploin)CAN$ 75.501090 Cals
Peppercorn Steak (8oz CAB® Sirloin)CAN$ 39.25330 Cals
Peppercorn Steak (12oz CAB® New York Striploin)CAN$ 52.25540 Cals
Creole Steak + Prawns (8oz CAB® Sirloin)CAN$ 44.75330 Cals
Steak Frites (8oz CAB® Sirloin)CAN$ 34.00330 Cals
Steak Frites (12oz CAB® New York Striploin)CAN$ 47.00540 Cals
Chargrilled Steak (8oz CAB® Sirloin)CAN$ 35.25330 Cals
Chargrilled Steak (12oz CAB® New York Striploin)CAN$ 48.25540 Cals
Millionaire’s Cut (12oz CAB® New York Striploin)CAN$ 55.75540 Cals

Casual Favourites

Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Baja Fish TacosCAN$ 19.75760 Cals
Rob’s Crispy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 23.00840 Cals
Chicken TendersCAN$ 19.50760 Cals
Pesto Chicken QuesadillaCAN$ 18.25840 Cals
Cajun Chicken SandwichCAN$ 22.00790 Cals
BBQ Chicken ClubCAN$ 21.50830 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Salmon Aburi RollCAN$ 20.75500 Cals
Prawn Crunch RollCAN$ 19.75560 Cals
Zen RollCAN$ 18.50430 Cals
Hamachi SashimiCAN$ N/A170 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
The Feenie BurgerCAN$ 25.001110 Cals
Cheddar Bacon BurgerCAN$ 23.75830 Cals
Jack Daniel’s BBQ BurgerCAN$ 21.00850 Cals
GardenburgerCAN$ 22.25870 Cals
Impossible BurgerCAN$ 23.50570 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Six Layer Chocolate SliceCAN$ 18.001730 Cals
Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch BarCAN$ 12.00720 Cals
Key Lime PieCAN$ 12.00840 Cals
New York CheesecakeCAN$ 12.00740 Cals

Plant-Based + Vegetarian

Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Avocado Dip (v)CAN$ 14.25390 Cals
Szechuan Tofu Lettuce Wraps (v)CAN$ 23.251160 Cals
Truffle Fries (v)CAN$ 12.75670 Cals
Crispy Yam Fries (v)CAN$ 12.25840 Cals
The Med Bowl (v)CAN$ 20.00700 Cals
Vegan Med Bowl (vf)CAN$ 20.00700 Cals
Crispy Tofu Bowl (vf)CAN$ 24.00900 Cals
Edamame (g)CAN$ 12.50280 Cals
Vegetarian Teriyaki Rice Bowl (v)CAN$ 19.001070 Cals
Vegetarian Raincoast Greens (v)CAN$ 22.50490 Cals
Gardenburger (v)CAN$ 22.25870 Cals
Impossible Burger (vf)CAN$ 23.50570 Cals

Gluten Smart

Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Avocado Dip (g)CAN$ 14.25390 Cals
Edamame (g)CAN$ 12.50280 Cals
Hot Chicken + Pickles (g)CAN$ 18.00790 Cals
Truffle Fries (g)CAN$ 12.75670 Cals
Crispy Yam Fries (g)CAN$ 12.25840 Cals
Chicken Wings (g)CAN$ 19.50860 Cals
The Med Bowl (g)CAN$ 20.00870 Cals
Crispy Tofu Bowl (g)CAN$ 24.00900 Cals
Lemongrass Noodle Salad (g)CAN$ 23.75670 Cals
Raincoast Greens (g)CAN$ 22.50490 Cals
The Feenie Burger (g)CAN$ 25.001110 Cals
Cheddar Bacon Burger (g)CAN$ 23.75830 Cals
Cajun Chicken Sandwich (g)CAN$ 22.00790 Cals
Thai Green Curry (g)CAN$ 24.75850 Cals
Grilled Salmon (g)CAN$ 31.75710 Cals
Chargrilled Steak (g)CAN$ 35.25330 Cals


Menu ItemsPriceCalories
Side Sea Salted FriesCAN$ 5.00400 Cals
Side Yam FriesCAN$ 5.75480 Cals
Side Truffle FriesCAN$ 5.75450 Cals
Side Fresh GreensCAN$ 5.7570 Cals
Side Kale SaladCAN$ 5.75670 Cals
Side Buttered Mashed PotatoesCAN$ 4.75420 Cals
Side White RiceCAN$ 3.50200.300 Cals


Menu ItemsPrice
San Benedetto Still (750 ml)CAN$ 7.00
San Benedetto Sparkling (750 ml)CAN$ 7.00
Dasani (591 ml)CAN$ 3.00
Coca-Cola (355 ml)CAN$ 3.00
Diet Coca-Cola (355 ml)CAN$ 3.00
Sprite (355 ml)CAN$ 3.00
Heineken 0.0 (330 ml)CAN$ 6.75
Red Bull (250 ml)CAN$ 6.00
Sugar Free Red Bull (250 ml)CAN$ 6.00

Nutritional Information of Cactus Club Cafe in Canada 

Cactus Club Cafe provides extensive online nutrition information so you can review the calories, protein, carbs, and more for menu items. Here are some good options for various diets:

For Athletes

Cactus Club Cafe facilitates athletes by offering them the following food items. Let’s see in the table below.

Menu ItemCaloriesHow it is Beneficial
Grilled Salmon720 CalsProvides 35g protein to help rebuild muscles after a workout
Thai Green Curry with Chicken850 CalsPacks 37g protein to aid muscle recovery
12oz New York Striploin Steak1090 Cals100g protein delivers plenty of amino acids for muscle growth

For Vegetarians

Cactus Club Cafe Canada has great options for vegetarians to enjoy the real taste according to their choice.

Menu ItemCaloriesImpact
GardenBurger870 CalsPlant-based patty has 24g protein and fiber
Crispy Tofu Bowl900 Cals27g plant-based protein from tofu plus 87g carbs
Spaghetti Portofino1060 CalsSeafood pasta has 31g protein and 73g carbs
Butternut Squash Vegetarian Ravioli700 Cals14g protein and 39g carbs makes a filling meatless meal

For Dieters

If you are on a diet, it does not mean you cannot eat anything but in a managed way. How does Cactus Club Cafe facilitate you? Let’s learn.

Menu ItemCaloriesImpact
Tuna Poke Bowl880 CalsProvides 31g protein at moderate 880 calories
Kale Salad90 CalsVery low calorie as a side salad without dressing
Hamachi Sashimi170 Cals12g protein in a light 170 calorie dish
Edamame280 Cals25g plant-based protein in a 280 calorie snack

History of Cactus Club Cafe in Canada

Richard Jaffray and Scott Morison opened the first Cactus Club Cafe in 1988 in North Vancouver, British Columbia. This original location set the template for the chain’s stylish and lively ambiance.

In 2012, Cactus Club Cafe was acquired by Earl’sEarl’s Restaurant founder Stan Fuller due to a legal dispute between them. 

Though it has grown into a national chain, Cactus Club remains committed to using fresh local ingredients and delivering an exceptional dining experience.

Branches of Cactus Club Cafe Across Canada

With over 30 locations nationwide, Cactus Club Cafe has spread its unique brand of contemporary dining in Canada. The provinces with the highest concentration of Cactus Club Cafe restaurants are:

  • British Columbia – 20+ locations
  • Alberta – 5+ locations
  • Ontario – 2+ locations
  • Saskatoon – 1 location

Opening Hours and Closing Times at Cactus Club Cafe

Cactus Club Cafe has slightly different times regarding opening and closing. Let’s closely analyze them.

opening and closing hours of Cactus Club Cafe Canada

Alternatives to Cactus Club Cafe in Canada

I know Cactus Club Cafe’s food hits the spot every time. But someone on a budget needs other options in Canada. Luckily, Canada is full of other fantastic casual dining chains serving up delicious food. If you’re looking to switch up your usual and save some money, here are some great alternatives to Cactus Club Cafe: 

Most popular items at Cactus Club Cafe in Canada

When it comes to the tasty dishes that keep Canadians returning to Cactus Club Cafe menu repeatedly. A few of those favorites really stand out from others are the following.

Most Popular Menu Items at Cactus Club Cafe Canada

Cheddar Bacon Burger

The Cheddar Bacon Burger is a must-choice at Cactus Club Cafe if you’re craving a burger. The featured burger is stacked with cheddar cheese and bacon, giving you savory and smoky flavors in every bite.

Cajun Chicken Sandwich

If you want to eat a chicken sandwich with a different taste, I would recommend you to try the Cajun Chicken Sandwich. The blackened chicken breast is spicy and full of flavor, and it’s topped with peppers, onion, lettuce, and lime mayo on a toasted bun. This zesty sandwich packs a punch!

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl for a hearty and satisfying bowl. Grilled chicken and steamed rice are coated in a sweet and salty teriyaki glaze, with mushrooms, carrots, edamame, and sesame seeds rounding out this filling meal. 

Szechuan Lettuce Wraps

The Szechuan Lettuce Wraps are a go-to if you’re craving something fresh. They’re filled with spicy Szechuan chicken or tofu, mushrooms, water chestnuts, and wontons served over crispy lettuce cups. It’s a fun way to get your Chinese food fix.

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl

For those in the mood for classic Asian flavors, the Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl hits the spot every time. Savory chicken, steamed rice, snap peas, mushrooms, and carrots smothered in umami teriyaki sauce – this bowl is a longtime favorite for delicious reasons.

Delivery Process at Cactus Club Cafe

Cactus Club Cafe offers delivery through major third-party platforms like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and SkipTheDishes. Customers can order on one of these apps or directly through the Cactus Club Cafe website for delivery. Delivery is available during regular restaurant opening hours. The third-party service may charge an additional delivery fee.

Cactus Club Cafe Mobile App

Cactus Club Cafe has a user-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android. The app allows guests to view menus conveniently, place takeout or delivery orders, access exclusive app-only offers and promotions, and collect loyalty points for rewards.

Frequently Ask Questions on Cactus Club Cafe Menu Prices in Canada

What is the cheapest food item on the Cactus Club Cafe menu in Canada?

The cheapest Cactus Club Cafe menu item is New York Cheesecake for CAN$ 12.

What is the most expensive food item on the Cactus Club Cafe menu in Canada?

The most expensive item on the Cactus Club Cafe menu is the Steak+Lobster New (12oz CAB® New York Striploin) for CAN$ 75.50

Does Cactus Club Cafe serve breakfast?

Unfortunately, Cactus Club Cafe does not offer breakfast options on their menu.

Does Cactus Club Cafe serve lunch? 

Yes, Cactus Club Cafe has a full menu available for lunch. The lunch menu features a variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, bowls, and main dishes.

When can I purchase Cactus Club e-gift cards?

You can purchase Cactus Club e-gift cards anytime, anywhere on their website.

How are e-gift cards delivered?

E-gift cards are delivered digitally to the recipient’srecipient’s email. The recipient can print the card, add it to their Apple wallet, or show the email on their phone.

Can bonus gift cards be used for online ordering at Cactus Club Cafe?

No, physical bonus cards are only redeemable for dine-in purchases.

What are the Happy Hour times at Cactus Club Cafe?

Happy Hour times at Cactus Club Cafe are from 2-5 pm daily.

When is Happy Hour offered during the week?

Happy Hour is offered from Sunday to Thursday, from 9 pm until closing time.

Wrapping it Up

Thus, Cactus Club Cafe Canada offers a contemporary dining experience with globally inspired dishes made from fresh local ingredients. They have reasonably priced Spanish snacks, appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, steaks, and seafood.

While menus and prices vary by Canadian location, Cactus Club Cafes offer well-sourced meals in a stylish, upscale-casual setting. I would highly recommend you With options catering to most tastes and budgets.

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